EU: all phones must have support for USB-C charging

The EU has decided that all small and medium-sized devices must have a USB-C connection for charging. One standard port allows consumers to charge devices with the same cable and charger, thus reducing e-waste.

One standard for charging mobile phones has been in the works since 2009. First voluntary, now mandatory. USB-C will be the standard from now on, which was already the case for almost all phones. Only Apple uses its proprietary port called Lightning.

Bunch of charging cables
One cable to rule them all!

Starting autumn 2024, all small and medium-sized devices (including cell phones, tablets, and cameras) sold in the EU must have a USB-C port. Manufacturers are no longer required to include a cable and/or charger. The consumer can choose whether to purchase one or not. Something that some manufacturers have already started.


According to the EU, this new legislation should prevent much unnecessary e-waste. Eleven thousand tons of unused chargers and cables are believed to be thrown away each year. But not only the environment should benefit, but consumers would also save up to 250 million euros per year on chargers.

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