Samsung expands Ultra Edition series with 14 new devices

Ultra Edition series is Samsungs new art of making ultra inside out. The new series of devices shows a slim design and dedicated specifications for any mobile user around nowadays. Samsung wants to express its more than just the thickness.

Ultra Edition series is Samsungs new art of making ultra inside out. The new series of devices shows a slim design and dedicated specifications for any mobile user around nowadays. Samsung wants to express that Ultra Edition is more than just the thickness.

Because of that reason the Louvre museum in Paris was filled with journalists, dealers and Samsung employees celebrating the new introduction last tuesday. During the complete introduction of at least 14 new devices and three new Bluetooth headsets Samsung showed the importance of these new slim devices for the current market.

Specifications that show the strength of the new series are for instance the 3.2 or 2.0 Mpixel cameras, Bluetooth with stereo audio profile (A2DP), HSDPA and UMTS connectivity, stereo speakers, advanced file viewer, offline mode, external MicroSD memory card slot and TV-output.

Another strong point is the availability of new colors. The first series of Ultra Edition devices (D900, D830 and X820) were introduced some months ago and are currently available on the market. Now the first color versions are shown. Each device has at least three extra color variants available, but it should be emphasized that not every color will be introduced to each country in Europe. It depends on the available market space and the need from operators and dealers to address the seperate colors. Each new color is mentioned below and can be found on the Samsung brand page:

- Samsung D900 Grey Edition/Red Edition/Blue Edition/Silver Edition

- Samsung D830 Black Edition/Red Edition/Blue Edition/Silver Edition

- Samsung X820 Pink Edition/Blue Edition/Silver Edition

For more information on the new available colors of the D900, D830 and X820 please visit the Samsung brand page. Check also the available pictures and videos made of the devices.

Samsung Ultra Edition 3G series

The expansion of the new Ultra Edition series did not stop with the new color variants of the three devices mentioned above. Samsung introduced three new 3G devices to the press and the dealers. These new 3G Ultra Edition devices called Z370, Z620 and Z720 are an expansion of the complete series and are closely related to the three Ultra Edition devices currently available on the market.

The new Z370 is the 3G version of the X820 and contains a MicroSD memory card slot, UMTS, video calling, a second video call camera and different looks on the outside. All these new features increased the thickness of the new device to 8.4 mm.

The new Z620 is the 3G version of the D830 and is the second HSDPA clamshell for Samsung next to the Z560. The large clamshell has a better keyboard than the D830, stereo speakers, rotating camera, video calling, high speed download of at least 3.6 mbps and an increased thickness of 1.9 mm with respect to the D830.

The new Z720 is the 3G version of the D900 and is the first ever HSDPA slider for the new company. The device differs with respect to the D900 on looks, the absence of a flash, a different videocamera, new Black UI with a different menu setup, video calling option, high speed download of at least 3.6 mbps and several new functions in the menu including adjustable user profiles.

For more information on the new Z370, Z620 and Z720 please visit the Samsung brand page. Check also the available pictures and videos made of the devices.

Official press release:

Samsung Mobile Fuses 3G Power With ëThe Ultra Editionsí

Samsung launches Ultra Edition 3G handsets in Europe, bringing ultra 3G power to the palm of your hand

The face of 3G handsets changes today as Samsung, building on its heritage of delivering inspirational design matched with powerful functionality, unveils a new line of 3G mobile phones. Part of Samsungís Ultra Edition design-led range, these stylish mobiles expel the myth that 3G handsets have to be cumbersome and heavy. Launched today at the Louvre Museum in Paris, the Ultra Edition 3G range includes the worldís slimmest 3G mobile handset ever, the Ultra Edition 8.4 (Z370). These groundbreaking mobile phones offer to maximise access to all of the benefits that 3G networks can offer, but with a look that is better than ever before.

The Ultra Edition 3G mobile range has been built upon the signature inspirational design concepts that Samsung has become famous for, the stylish slider, sophisticated clamshell and classic candy bar. Each design has then been further enhanced to empower the user to experience and fully engage with all of the content and applications that are currently available on 3G and some of them, on HSDPA networks.

Leading this classy collection is the Ultra Edition 13.8 (Z720), the worldís first and thinnest HSDPA slide-up mobile which fits in at a slim 13.8mm. This technology powerhouse comes packed with a 3 megapixel camera and auto focus for taking photos when and wherever they are needed. It also includes a sizeable 2.1î QVGA display and supports WAP 2.0 and HTML browsing. In order to fully enjoy all of the benefits of 3G, the Ultra Edition 13.8 also includes a second camera for video calling, whilst the document viewer, voice memo and PIM features will keep even the busiest executive on top of their workload. Whether youíre calling for work or pleasure, this mobile phone is guaranteed to make it an enjoyable experience.

Possessing an ultra slim depth of only 8.4 mm and weighing a mere 71 grams, the Ultra Edition 8.4 (Z370) is the worldís slimmest 3G handset and now sets the standard against which all others can be compared. This mobile houses a large landscape 1.93î TFT display with dual 2 megapixel and VGA cameras, making it the perfect accessory for those that love 3G video calling or canít help but take the occasional self portrait. Capable of playing music with multiple audio formats and JAVA-enabled games, this connected candy bar is perfect for the entertainment lover in all of us. The document viewer, speaker phone, micro-SD card slot and host of PIM functions ensure that thereíll always be time for work as well as play.

Finally, completing the collection is the distinctive Ultra Edition 11.8 (Z620), the worldís slimmest HSDPA phone. This stylish device clearly fits into the slim stakes with a profile of just 11.8mm. Key features include an embedded rotating 2 megapixel camera with 3x zoom that is capable of taking photos from all directions and which can double as a video camera to shoot up to an hour of QVGA recording. The 2.3î QVGA display makes this handset perfect for viewing multimedia content and also doubles as a window for photo caller ID.

ìFor a long time a major barrier to consumer adoption of 3G has been the absence of handsets which are capable of delivering great functionality, with an attractive design. Today, we make sure that this barrier is erased with the European launch of the Ultra Edition 3G handsets,ì said Kitae Lee, President of Samsungís Telecommunication Network Business. ìThese phones combine the best in design that Samsung has become known for, with a rich array of functions that will ensure people can get access to the widest range of applications and entertainment - at the fastest speeds possible. With this launch, 3G is now most definitely sexy - and Samsung is at the forefront of this.î

The Ultra Edition mobiles were created to strike the right balance between sharp attractive design and inner strength, performance and simplicity of use. Samsungís Ultra Edition premium mobiles set a new industry standard, whilst maintaining the ultimate in signature Samsung design. For those who want the body as well as looks, the Ultra Edition range means that slim doesnít have to be delicate, thanks to the use of new materials such as magnesium and fiber glass infused plastic in their design.

Samsungís Ultra Edition 3G handsets will be available throughout Europe by end of this year. Please contact your local market representative for more information on specific network availability, variations and pricing.

Special Ultra Edition features and a new cardphone device from Samsung

All devices mentioned above are equipped with the new uGo, uTrack, uSearch or uMenu system and contain the new Black GUI interface. Some devices even have the white GUI interface.

The uGo system will change the background of the device depending on the country, time and receiptance of the device. For instance the Arc de Triomphe is shown when you are walking around in France and when it is late in the evening the background will get darker. The receiptance of the phone is indicated in the background by amount of clouds hanging in the sky.

The uTrack system will give the opportunity to track your device when it is stolen. So a device containing uTrack has a build-in anti-theft system. The uMenu system will give you the option to install a menu with easy shortcuts. The uSearch system brings an enhanced search functionality for contacts and content to the device.

Next to these new systems the Black menu from the Samsung E900 is introduced to the complete Ultra Edition series. The new menu will also be introduced on the P300 successor, called P310 that will be shown to the markt next week. The P310 is the ultimate combination between the E900 and P300 in a business and credit card format. The unique leather case with build-in battery (also known from the P300) is delivered with the P310 which contains a 2.0 Mpixel camera, offline mode, MicroSD memory card slot, 86 MB of internal storage, central 4-way key, two touchpanel keys below the display, new excellent looks, 262.000 TFT display with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and Bluetooth with stereo audio profile (A2DP).

For more information on the new Samsung P310 please visit the Samsung brand page.

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