Nokia presents 700 and 701 with Symbian Belle

In Hong Kong, Nokia launched three new phones: the 600, 700 and 701. The handsets run on a new version of Symbian, which was simultaneously released: Symbian Belle. This version will be shipped by Nokia alongside alongside Windows Phone.

The Nokia 701 is the smallest phone of Nokia in the Symbian series. The smartphone has a 1 GHz processor, a 3.2-inch Clear Black screen, 2 GB of storage space, HD video recording capability and a 5-megapixel camera. According to the Finnish company, the 700 is is the most environmentally friendly phone in its programme. The battery lasts a long time, even more with the addition of battery-saving processes, and the production of the phone uis done with"many" durable materials. The sale price of the Nokia 700 will be around 340 euros

Nokia 700 (left) and 701

The Nokia 701 is the successor to the C7 . The Nokia 701 is based on the design of its predecessor, and has a 1 GHz processor and a 8-megapixel camera. Moreover this phone has a second camera on the front and can record HD video. The 701 has 3.5-inch Clear black screen, and is slightly more expensive than the 700. The sale price of the Nokia 701 will be about 360 euros.

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