Review: Sony Ericsson HBH-GV435; strong standby time & lasting comfort

The true workhorse among the Sony Ericsson Bluetooth headsets is the new HBH-GV435. The headset offers the user a lasting comfort and a talk time of eight hours and a maximum standby time of 300 hours.

Many persons are familiar with Sony Ericsson as a manufacturer of mobile phones, but since a couple of years a range with Bluetooth headsets has appeared. In the past few months the latest series of headsets has be introduced and in the past few weeks they have reached the market.

Within this series you will find the HBH-GV435, a brand new headset delivered with a charger, lanyard to use around the neck and a manual in several languages. The small box contains everything you need for any user. No special parts as a pouch or a storage box for the headset. The headset is a true workhorse and mends for users that use their phone a lot.

As visible on the pictures the HBH-GV435 is not a standard Bluetooth headset that is placed inside the ear of the user. Most Bluetooth headsets use a special ring around the ear and special part for speaking. This long part or a visible boom would covers the space between the ear and the mouth. The GV435 uses a different system. The headset is worn around the ear.

The biggest part of the headset is placed behind the ear shell. On this part you will find the control keys for the volume, answering and starting conversations and the on/off button. The speaker which is used during the conversation can be turned in two directions. This gives a user the option to choose between the left and right ear quite easily. The microphone is placed on the front of the headset.

The ergonomic lightweight design is so comfortable that you forget that you're wearing a headset at all. And after a day of usage you do have any complaints about a sore ear. The headset fits quite nicely, but people with a large ear shell could encounter some problems. The device is not suited for that. Also controlling the keys on the headset does not give any major problems. Sometimes it is quite hard to find the correct key.

The weight of the headset is around 18 grams and that is quite light. There are lighter headsets available currently, but the lasting comfort of the HBH-GV435 does not give any concerns to the user. The weight is nicely distributed. The headset can keep you online for 300 hours and has a talk time of eight hours. A fine workhorse that needed one charge per week during our tests.

The headset supports Bluetooth 2.0 which has a positive influence for long talk and standby times. Besides this the headset uses digital noise/echo cancellation, DSP (Digital Signal Processing) en Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AHF) which enhances the sound quality. A small problem is the amount of surrounding noise that is picked up by the headset. During several conversations and calls the other side of the line complained about the moderate sound quality and surrounding noise. Something Sony Ericsson should look at.

The Bluetooth headset offers Auto pairing, a feature that makes pairing the headset with a Sony Ericsson mobile phone faster and simpler. There is no pin code needed and connecting the headset goes quite easily.

Persons that are looking for a workhorse within the Bluetooth headset market should have a look at the HBH-GV435. The new Sony Ericsson headset offers the user really long talk and standby time and a good ergonomic fit. However the headset does suffer from surrounding noise that can give problems during certain conversations or calls. Checking out a quite location is the only solution.

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