Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 with larger screen leaks big time

More than three years after the Fit 2 was released, it seems it is finally getting a successor. Exclusive images of this Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 leaked big time, showing a much larger screen.

Images of the Galaxy Fit 3 reached us via the website These images show a fitness tracker with a significantly larger screen than on the Fit 2. This makes the Galaxy Fit 3 look more like a smartwatch than a fitness tracker.

Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 leaks via
The upcoming Galaxy Fit 3 with a larger screen

A larger screen offers room for more information. Thus, we all see the pedometer, heart rate, and battery percentage at a glance. In addition to a touch-sensitive screen, we see a single control button on the right and a microphone. On the back are several sensors and, according to the source, a connector to charge it. Most likely, the latter will be done wirelessly.

Galaxy Fit 3 announcement

For now, much remains unknown. Specifications are unavailable, and we can't tell if you can swap straps from the images. The wait is, therefore, for Samsung to officially unveil the Fit 3. That will likely happen sometime in 2024 at the earliest.

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