Most accurate render Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra to date

We already knew from previous rumors that the S24 Ultra largely resembles its predecessor, but that doesn't rule out some minor differences. Ice Universe lists them in the most accurate render to date.

Where the S24 Ultra differs from its predecessor are the thinner and more symmetrical screen bezels, according to Ice Universe.

Most accurate render of Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra yet by @UniverseIce
Most accurate render Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra yet

It was previously leaked that the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is made of titanium, features a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, and gets a different zoom camera with up to 5x instead of the previous 10x. Many other specifications, including a built-in S Pen and a 5000mAh battery, remain the same.

Live Call Translation

With the appearance remaining virtually unchanged, there is room for Samsung to focus on the interface. Samsung will undoubtedly adopt One UI 6 but with various AI features. It was previously suggested that some of these features would be subscription-based, but possibly not all.

Samsung Live Call Translation.
Using the S24 Ultra to make calls in a language you don't speak

One feature is real-time conversion of speech into text. In the calling app, this feature could store phone calls as text. This is useful for reading back conversations later. By pairing this feature with a translation function, you could have a phone call in another language without speaking that language.

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