Renders unannounced Motorola Moto G04 appear

Motorola already offers some inexpensive Moto phones that are very competitively priced. But it can be even more affordable, it seems because the Moto G04 is expected soon. Renders of it have recently appeared.

Images of the Motorola Moto G04 reached us via MySmartPrice. We see a phone in at least four colors with what looks like a dual camera setup on the back.

Renders showing the Motorola Moto G04 in four colors as shared by MySmartPrice
The Moto G04 in 4 different colors

Zooming in on the render, we see only a single camera with "16MP AI Camera" written next to it. This confirms we are looking at a relatively simple entry-level phone that will be positioned below the Moto G14. Despite the simple camera setup, Lenovo seems to have opted for a relatively modern display with a punch-hole.

Fingerprint recognition or not

Exactly what device specifications the Motorola Moto G04 receives is still unknown. We see a 3.5-millimeter hole for a wired headphone on top. The port has "Dolby Atmos" written next to it, so expect spatial sound playback. At the bottom sits a USB-C port for charging the device. We don't see a fingerprint scanner anywhere. It seems unlikely to be integrated into the screen, so we suspect this feature might be missing.

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