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Oppo Find N should compete with Galaxy Z Fold3

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Oppo will reportedly announce its first foldable phone on December 15, 2021; the Find N. In terms of design, it looks a lot like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3. But with a cheaper price tag.

From December 14 to 15, Oppo will hold its INNO DAY event. Here it usually shows new technologies to the world. This year will presumably be all about foldables. The Find N is supposed to be the first foldable Oppo phone and is very similar in design to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3.

In the video above, we even get a brief look of the Find N. On the outside, we find a large bezel less screen with a foldable screen inside and with a selfie camera at the top left corner. It is not yet known whether this camera is under the display, just like the Fold3. Earlier rumors talked about an outer 6.5 inch screen with at least 3 cameras and an 8 inch screen on the inside.

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Oppo writes that it has been working on this Find N for 4 years and believes that this design is the way forward. What distinctive features the Find N will have remains a secret for now but that will undoubtedly change December 15th.

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