Oppo RX17 Neo

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Oppo RX17 Neo (CPH1893)
Oppo RX17 Neo purple overview
Oppo RX17 Neo blue back
Oppo RX17 Neo red back

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    Oppo RX17 Neo product details

    The Oppo RX17 Neo is sometimes jokingly called the OnePlus 6T's cheaper brother and with good reason. Oppo is the parent company of OnePlus and both phones share many of the same features. Think of a drop-shaped notch, screen with integrated fingerprint scanner and double AI camera on the back. Only the price seems different, but appearances can be deceiving.

    Smaller brother of OnePlus 6T

    At first sight, the Oppo RX17 Neo and OnePlus 6T indeed have a lot in common. The design, dimensions, screen and some basic features. And all that for two hundred euros less. Still, the RX17 Neo has some things the OnePlus does not have. For example, the selfie camera is much higher in megapixels; 25 to 16. And with the RX17 Neo, you still have the old-fashioned possibility to insert a memory card if you don't have enough storage memory. There is also a headphone input for your own headset. But as you can already guess, the 6T can also do things that the RX17 Neo can't, such as charging with USB-C. The processor is also more powerful, there is more RAM memory and the battery is just a little bit bigger. All in all not very big things and you will have to ask yourself if all this is worth 200 euros more?

    Oppo RX17 Neo purple overview

    Modern screen, small notch

    What makes the Oppo RX17 Neo a contemporary smartphone is its 6.41-inch screen with small drop-shaped notch and built-in fingerprint scanner behind the screen. A simple touch is all it takes to recognize and access your phone. Disadvantage is that the scanner can't be found by touch, so you'll have to pay attention to it. Although we do not rule out the possibility that you will find it effortlessly in the long run. Although a notch has been applied at the top of the screen, it is very small thanks to its small drop shape. It gives a high screen-to-body ratio of about 91%. So you almost completely look at a screen instead of a phone. Oppo delivers the RX17 Neo with its own Color 5.2 which is based on Android 8.1. You can download and use your own favorite Android apps.

    Main Oppo RX17 Neo specifications

    • Large 6.4 inch screen with hidden fingerprint scanner
    • 25 MP selfie camera with AI functions
    • Double camera (16+2 megapixel) with portrait mode
    • Powerful Snapdragon 660-processor with 4GB of RAM memory
    • Place up to 2 SIM cards thanks to Dual SIM support
    • 128GB of storage + a memory card slot for extra 256GB
    • Fast 4G internet support (Category 6)

    Cameras with Artificial Intelligence

    On the back of the RX17 Neo we find a double camera of 16 and 2 megapixels. In combination with the Snapdragon 660 processor, Oppo manages to get the necessary artificial intelligence over it. For example, these AI functions recognize 16 different scenes and adjust the correct settings themselves. That should consistently result in nice pictures. At the front we find most megapixels; 25. Again, the camera is equipped with AI or artificial intelligence. This is mainly used to find your face and focus on it and apply the right exposure. So expect to shoot beautiful selfies with this 25 MP AI Beauty Camera.

    Most important Oppo RX17 Neo specifications

    Dimensions 158.3 x 75.5 x 7.4 mm
    Weight 156 grams
    Item ID CPH1893
    EAN code 6944284635487, 6944284635470
    Fingerprint recognition
    Operating system
    Android 8.1
    Color display AMOLED, notch
    Camera 16 MP, 2 MP, dual camera sensor
    Dust and waterproof
    Processor 1.95 GHz, Qualcomm Snapdragon 660, octa core
    Secondary camera 25 MP, flash
    Dual SIM
    Data network
    4G (LTE)
    Build-in memory
    Internal memory 4 GB (Size (RAM)), 128 GB (Storage)
    Power supply
    Battery 3600 mAh
    Fast charging

    All Oppo RX17 Neo specifications

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    Oppo RX17 Neo (CPH1893)

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     Current product
    Fingerprint recognition
    Color displayAMOLED, notch
    Camera16 MP, 2 MP, dual camera sensor
    Dust and waterproof
    Processor1.95 GHz, Qualcomm Snapdragon 660, octa core
    Secondary camera25 MP, flash
    Dual SIM
    4G (LTE)
    Internal memory4 GB (Size (RAM)), 128 GB (Storage)
    Battery3600 mAh
    Fast charging

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