Rumor: HMD stops making Nokia smartphones, starts its own

Nokia phones may be coming to an end, again. HMD Global, the Finnish phone manufacturer that releases phones under the Nokia name, reportedly wants to end the partnership. Instead, it wants to market phones under its own name.

Nokia has not been marketing phones since 2016. Instead, it lends the Nokia name exclusively to HMD Global. While that partnership runs until 2026, it appears to be coming to an early end. With it, Nokia once again disappears from the scene.

Human Mobile Devices (Hmd) website

HMD Global would instead like to release phones under its own name. It will start with three, affordably priced Android smartphones, according to a report. The name it will use for these is Human Mobile Devices (HMD). Those who go to the Nokia phones Web site are automatically redirected to

Smartphones, feature phones and tablets

It further appears that HMD will continue with Android One smartphones, featurephones and tablets. There is also a section for accessories, think smart speakers and wireless earbuds.

Current Nokia smartphone users need not fear future updates. HMD will continue to offer software support, despite the name change. For Nokia fans of the first hour, it will take some swallowing; they will not encounter the brand name on the streets anytime soon.

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