Get your first look at the Google Pixel Fold 2

Google phones have a reputation for leaking far in advance. This time, it is the turn for the Pixel Fold 2, which is supposed to be the second-generation foldable.

With the entire Pixel 9 series already leaked, it is now the turn of the Pixel Fold 2. This will be Google's second attempt to release a foldable. The first one set the bar pretty high, though there remained room for improvement. For example, while it was skinny, it contained thick screen bezels inside.

Leak shows the Google Pixel Fold 2 with redesigned camera bar
First look at the Pixel Fold 2

The Pixel Fold 2 features a new camera module on the back and gets the Tensor G4 inside. With this, Google is skipping the Tensor G3 chipset. Especially the camera module catches our attention. Google always opted for a rather wide one, but not this time.

Fold appears to be less wide

The device also appears to be a bit less wide. The first generation Pixel Fold was the size of a passport. The advantage of this was that it was easy to operate when folded, something that cannot be said about, for example, Samsung's Fold 5.

Google Pixel Fold next to the Pixel Fold 2
Google Pixel Fold vs the Pixel Fold 2

This seems to make the inner screen more square, which in turn is reminiscent of the OnePlus Open. Google, according to Android Authority, is moving away from the widescreen bezels above and below the screen. Instead, the selfie camera now sits in a bite out of the top right corner.

This is reminiscent of what Samsung did with the first-generation Galaxy Fold. Whether this is an improvement, we'll leave it up to you.

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