This is what the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 may look like

Now that the Galaxy S24 series has been announced and is in stores, it is time to look forward to the next Galaxy Z series. And in particular to the foldable Galaxy Z Fold 6. That one will have a different look than we are used to.

Because according to images that appeared on Pigtou, the Fold 6 will be a lot wider than the Fold 5. Samsung may be going in the same direction with this as the Google Pixel Fold and the Oppo Find N2.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 render based on a leaked patent

It must be said that the above image is not a leaked image coming from Samsung itself. The creator took inspiration from a surfaced patent. This is quite dangerous, as patents rarely translate one-to-one to products. So take this post with a large grain of salt.

Whether a lot wider?

Should the Fold 6 indeed be wider, this is not the first time. The Fold 5 is also wider than its predecessor, albeit minimally. Still, the current generation Galaxy Z Fold is relatively narrow compared to traditional smartphones. As a result, it makes it difficult to operate with one hand when folded.

Samsung foldable phones through the years
Samsung foldables through the years

Thinner too

Samsung may also want to make the next generation Fold thinner. For example, the current Fold is and ample millimeter thicker than the Pixel Fold. And that counts double for a device that also weighs nearly a quarter of a kilo. Whether it actually turns out that way should be revealed sometime in the fall of 2024. Only then are the next Galaxy Z models expected.

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