Teaser shows hidden cameras OnePlus Concept One

In a few days OnePlus will show a concept phone during the CES 2020; the Concept One. From a teaser and sketch that appeared, we conclude that the cameras are hidden on the back. But why?

OnePlus is one of those manufacturers that does not make its own components but purchases them. And then it's hard to innovate. For the upcoming 'Concept One' they want to innovate by using electrochromatic glass. That's matt and opaque, except when power goes through it. Then it'll be clear. OnePlus wants to apply this on the back, in front of the cameras.

Hidden cameras is something we will find more often in 2020. But at the front. This is because the industry is looking for alternatives to screen notches and holes. Hiding a camera behind the screen is then a good alternative. Hiding the cameras on the back doesn't really seem necessary. Except, of course, it looks fun. A teaser of Ice Universe shows roughly what it looks like.

Electrochromatic glass

OnePlus wants to distinguish itself in a market that needs innovative components. Think of cameras with more megapixels, optical zoom and foldable screens. Electrochromatic glass is something we've never seen in a smartphone. It remains to be seen how quickly it can become clear and whether it limits the incidence of light. Questions which I hope will be answered on 7 January 2020. Then OnePlus will show the device at the CES fair in Las Vegas.

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