First hands-on video from Samsung Galaxy Z Flip appeared

We finally have moving image of Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip. One thing is clear; the folding aircraft that may be announced in mid-February combines traditional with modern.

Renders of the aircraft we had already seen but how the Galaxy Z Flip is in the hand was still unclear. So far because the video below shows what Samsung has in mind with the Flip. A reasonably wide device with above average elongated screen when opened. But especially the hinge mechanism inspires confidence.

This gives a reasonably satisfactory click when closing, looks firm and stretches the screen enough so that there is hardly any conspicuous crease. The edge of the hinge is reminiscent of the Galaxy Fold and with that we have some concerns about fabric resistance. It has yet to be demonstrated in practice how much of a problem that is. The video also clearly shows that the screen is quite large and has a round screen hole at the top for the single selfie camera. An Infinity O-Display.

Nut second screen

The secondary screen outside seems to add very little in terms of functionality. It's so small it's of little use. It won't be able to give much more than the time and notifications. Here the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip clearly differs from the Motorola Razr 2019 where the screen outside is larger and touch sensitive.

Solid starting price

That moving images of the Z Flip now appear is painful for Samsung. The official announcement is scheduled at the time of writing in a week's time. However, recently images of the camera also appeared and all specifications are almost on the street. Stayed over the price and although it looked favorable at first it looked like 1599 euro. Although lower than the 2020 euro that should cost the Galaxy Fold, it is still on the high side.

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