Apple has good news about iPhone 15 battery

Apple has concluded after internal testing that the iPhone 15 series battery lasts longer than previously thought. In fact, in theory, the battery lasts twice as long.

It is a given that lithium-ion batteries, as you find in phones today, wear out after use. Previously, Apple said that the battery in the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro still contained 80% of their original capacity after 500 cycles. Apple is now changing that to 1,000 times.

iPhone 15 battery swap by iFixit
You won't have to swap this one as often as expected

This will make your iPhone last twice as long. Apple came to this conclusion after internal tests of simulating daily use. Apple is still investigating whether batteries from older iPhones also last longer than initially thought. Why the batteries last longer than reported is unknown.

iOS 17.4

iOS version 17.4 can give more information about the battery's health. From now you can see how often your battery is discharged and charged. You can also find additional settings related to charging.

iOS 17.4 Battery settings

Apple has been remarkably open about your iPhone's battery status. After the launch of iOS 10, users of older iPhones noticed performance degradation and frequent device shutdowns. Apple said this was to protect users from inadvertently shutting down the iPhone with a degraded battery.


The scandal would come to be known as batterygate, and Apple apologized and offered a discount on battery replacement. Apple seems to have learned from its mistakes by being more transparent.

Via: 9to5mac
Photo: iFixit

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