Apple iPhone 15 Pro

Apple iPhone 15 Pro (A3102)
Apple iPhone 15 Pro black back right side
Apple iPhone 15 Pro blue titanium back
Apple iPhone 15 Pro grey natural tianium back
Apple iPhone 15 Pro white titanium overview
Apple iPhone 15 Pro black titanium back
Apple iPhone 15 Pro white titanium back
Apple iPhone 15 Pro colors overview
Apple iPhone 15 Pro white titanium right side
128 GB
256 GB
512 GB
1 TB

Pro and cons Apple iPhone 15 Pro

  • Lightweight titanium housing
  • Adjustable Action Button
  • Now with USB C port
  • Even faster A17 Pro chip
  • Little difference from predecessor, still expensive

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Country flag DE Germany € 1,199.00 EUR 1199
Country flag NL The Netherlands € 1,229.00 EUR 1229
Country flag FR France € 1,229.00 EUR 1229
Country flag VL Belgium (Flanders) € 1,229.00 EUR 1229

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Apple iPhone 15 Pro product details

The Apple iPhone 15 Pro is the professional counterpart of the iPhone 15, and this time it is made of titanium. This makes for a lighter iPhone without sacrificing strength. Although we do not recommend dropping it, there is still enough glass to break.

Grade 5 Titanium

For the iPhone 15 Pro, you could perfectly well characterize 2023 as a -S year. A year with no major changes, especially in terms of appearance. The screen still measures 6.1 inches, has the same resolution, can still be as bright as before and features the Dynamic Island. However, the edges are now rounded so it fits better in the hand and no longer looks so angular. But from a distance, you won't see any of that. You will have to pick it up. And only then will you notice that it's lighter. Admittedly only 19 grams lighter, but because of a different weight distribution you do notice it. And the choice of titanium also helps. Apple further claims that the back glass is now easy to remove, ideal for making a battery change easier or repairing a broken back.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro white titanium overview

Howdy for USB C!

Apple, at the behest of the European Union, equipped the iPhone 15 Pro with USB C. Gone, then, is the Lightning port and with it the associated cables that always snapped. Also, a USB cable has no top or bottom so you always insert it correctly in 1 attempt. Apple applies USB version 3.0 that has speeds up to 10 Gbit/s. Useful for getting files off your iPhone quickly. However, charging is still only 20 watts, which means charging still takes at least an hour and a half. Faster, though, is the A17 Pro processor. Apple's first 3-nanometer chip has a 10% faster CPU, 2x faster Neural Engine and 20% faster GPU. In addition, the A17 Pro does Ray Tracing for the first time which gives you even more realistic lighting in games.

Main Apple iPhone 15 Pro Specifications

  • 6.1" Super Retina XDR display with 120Hz ProMotion and CeramicShield glass
  • Lightweight titanium casing and textured frosted glass on the back
  • 48+12+12MP camera system with 120° wide-angle and 3x telephoto zoom
  • 12MP selfie camera with in-screen autofocus (Dynamic Island)
  • USB C port for charging and to send data
  • Available in 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB
  • Apple A17 Pro chip with 6-core CPU and 6-core GPU with desktop performance
  • SOS satellite emergency notifications (first 2 years free)

And Action!

We also say goodbye to a good old friend this year. Above the volume buttons, we no longer see the familiar snooze slider, but in its place on the iPhone 15 Pro is an Action Button. This can still put your iPhone on silent, but through the settings you can also assign another action. There are 9 different actions to Choose between including Shortcuts for even more possibilities. On the camera front, the differences are a bit disappointing. There are still three cameras with ultra-wide angle and 3x telephoto. For 5x zoom, you'll have to swerve to the iPhone 15 Pro Max. But that one is even more expensive than this iPhone 15 Pro. And then the entry-level Pro also starts at only 128GB of storage where you get 256GB with the Max.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro in the news

ts iPhone 15 Pro Close Up

Apple iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max made of titanium announced

Phone news ·

During Apple's Wonderlust Keynote, it announced the iPhone 15 series, including the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max. This time, both Pros are made of titanium, making them lighter than their predecessor for the first time.

Apple uses grade 5 titanium for both the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. It's the same kind of titanium in the Mars Rover. The edges are rounded this time, called contour edge, and the screen bezel is the thinnest ever.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro with Action Button
The iPhone 15 Pro with the new Action Button

Another subtle difference is the absence of the ring silent switch. The action button has replaced it. It lets you put your iPhone on mute, but you can also associate other actions with the button. Apple has developed 9, including activating focus mode, flashlight, starting the camera, and Siri shortcuts. The latter thus offers much more functionality.

Apple A17 Pro with Ray Tracing

Apple doesn't use a Bionic chip for the first time in years. Instead, Apple introduced the A17 Pro. This chip is built on TSMC's 3nm process. It is again a 6-core processor with up to 10% faster high-performance cores and a 2x faster neural engine.

Apple A17 Pro without and with Ray Tracing enabled
A game without and with Ray Tracing

Special attention went to the graphics performance. The GPU has six cores, is 20% faster, supports mesh shading, and, for the first time, lets games enable ray tracing for more realistic light reflections. According to Apple, this brings the performance of the A17 Pro close to some professional GPUs for desktop computers. Game studios have already expressed interest and announced Resident Evil 4 Remake and Assassin's Creed Mirage for the iPhone 15 Pros.

Apple A17 Pro USB 3 Controller
The USB 3 controller on the new A17 Pro chip

A dedicated USB 3 controller inside the A17 Pro supports download speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second, useful for when you want to download ProRes movies to your computer, especially since it can now store 4K video at 60fps.

Spatial Video

Also, a lot of attention was paid to the camera system. The three camera lenses perform seven different functions. But only for the larger iPhone 15 Pro Max. The seven modes are macro, 13 mm, 24 mm, 28 mm, 35 mm, 48 mm and 120 mm. The latter is made possible by a separate telephoto lens with a prism lens for 5x optical zoom. With the iPhone 15 Pro that is limited to the usual 3x zoom.

Example of the different focal lengths on the iPhone 15 Pro Max
Example of the seven focal lengths on the iPhone 15 Pro Max

The 48MP primary camera with f/1.78 aperture and 24mm focal length can take 28 and 35mm shots thanks to pixel binning. The latter is especially popular with photographers for portrait shots. In addition to the primary and telephoto cameras, there is the 12MP ultra-wide-angle camera with a 13mm focal length. The ultra-wide-angle and primary camera can simultaneously record video, which you can later playback on Apple's yet-to-be-released Vision Pro. Spatial video will be available later this year.

iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max in stores

Apple will start taking orders Friday and begin delivery on Sept. 22. Colors to choose between this year include Black, White, Blue, and Natural. Prices start at $999 for the iPhone 15 Pro, and for that, like last year, you only get 128GB of storage. The iPhone 15 Pro Max does begin with 256GB, the price of which is $1199. Exactly how much this translates to euros remains to be seen.

ts iPhone 15 Pro Design 9to5mac

Apple iPhone 15 Pro gets regular buttons after all

Rumors ·

For a long time, it seemed that Apple would reinvent the button. The iPhone 15 Pro would get solid-state buttons, not real but simulated ones. However, the technology seems to come too soon; Apple won't be able to bring this to market in 2023.

Apple is good at reinventing the wheel. Creating new solutions for things we take for granted. This brought us Retina displays, MagSafe, and virtual buttons like those on the iPhone 7. The latter looks like an actual button, but you can't press it. Through haptic vibrations, however, it does behave like a button.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro render made by 9to5Mac
This is what the iPhone 15 Pro looks like

For the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max, Apple planned to make the volume rockers look precisely like this. That rumor arose when a supplier that makes this technology possible hinted at a new major customer. Now that same supplier, Cirrus Logic, reports to its shareholders that the deal is off.

Guessing the reason

The iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max lend themselves well for new technologies. Why Apple does not pursue the plan to apply haptic buttons is anyone's guess. A hardware- or software-related problem seems out of the question. After all, the technique has been around since 2016 when Apple introduced the iPhone 7.

Apple iPhone 7 Taptic Engine shown during tear down from iFixit
The Taptic Engine on the iPhone 7 simulates pressing the home button

We now wonder aloud what new features the Pro and Max will be equipped with instead. After all, there should be enough differentiation from the regular iPhone 15. A new look, which is being rumored, will be insufficient in our eyes. Those who still set their sights on solid-state buttons must wait until 2024, when a new attempt will follow.

Photo: iFixit and 9to5Mac

ts Steve Jobs Ring Silent Button iPhone 2007

Apple expected to remove mute button on iPhone 15 Pro

Articles ·

It was previously rumored that Apple would switch from physical to virtual buttons with the introduction of the iPhone 15 Pro. But that also means the end of the famous mute button that has existed since the first iPhone. The button is also known as the Ring/Silent switch.

You don't have to dive deep into a menu to put an iPhone on mute. Instead, flip the switch to the side, and it will stop making a sound. It couldn't be easier. Yet Apple thinks otherwise because the iPhone 15 Pro will lack that button. And that's not the only thing, because no button is what it seems.

Steve Jobs shows off the 1st generation iPhone during a keynote in 2007 showing the mute button
The mute button has been around since the very first iPhone

Apple is no stranger to leaving out things that have long been around. Starting with the home button, the headphone jack, a charger in the box, and, in some countries, even the SIM card slot. And beginning with the iPhone 15 Pro, you no longer get buttons to press. Instead, the side buttons will all be replaced with virtual buttons, just like the Force Touch trackpad, which simulates a physical button using a vibration motor.

Apple innovation

This potentially allows Apple to add much more functionality. For example, in theory, the button could recognize a swipe gesture or how hard you press. Specific functions could be assigned to that. Or what about simulating a camera's shutter button where pressing lightly means focus and pressing hard means shoot? All this could unleash a new wave of innovation. Who knows?

Anonymous source previously found to be reliable

All this information comes from an anonymous user on the forum of MacRumors. Normally that is not worth paying attention to. Still, this user previously predicted information that turned out to be true.

ts iPhone 15 Pro Usb C U red ditor

Apple iPhone 15 Pro with USB-C port shows up early

Rumors ·

Apple usually announces new iPhones in the fall. Therefore, it is somewhat curious that we are already getting a glimpse of the new device during the winter. And yet that is precisely what is happening with these photos.

The photo below shows a thin metal bottom with an unmistakable USB-C port. In itself, nothing crazy was it not for the fact that, according to the source, we are looking at the iPhone 15 Pro. And a USB-C port on an iPhone has not occurred to date. But new regulations and advancing insight are changing that.

Photo showing the bottom of the upcoming Apple iPhone 15 Pro with USB-C port
Finally, USB-C on the iPhone?

By the way, we don't think USB-C is only destined for the iPhone 15 Pro now that we only see the Pro version here. Apple reportedly intends to equip the entire iPhone 15 line-up with the handy universal port. However, previous rumors suggest Apple will give the non-Pro models a slower version. Something that, if true, we don't have a good word for.

Rounder sides

The surfaced photo shows another good thing. Namely, the slightly rounded sides. The iPhone 14 has a rather angular design. We think the slight rounding looks a lot better. Other than that, the layout looks the same as the iPhone 14 Pro, with pentalobe screws to the left and right of the charging port and next to it several speaker holes with mesh in front of it.

Also CAD drawings

In addition to an actual photo, CAD drawings of the device also surfaced. Whether this is a coincidence or not, we dare not say. We see the rounder sides here, but that is not the only difference. For example, the screen bezels will be thinner and the cameras thicker.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro CAD render showing the differences with the current iPhone 14 Pro
Thinner bezels for the iPhone 15 Pro compared to the iPhone 14 Pro

The drawings above and below are from China and are typically used by case manufacturers to create matching products. That they are already definitive says how easily Apple gets rid of them each year.

CAD render showing the Apple iPhone 15 Pro from the back and side
Cameras stick out even more

Possibly Apple has a good reason for a thicker camera module. Perhaps Apple is applying larger sensors, although it also cannot yet be ruled out that the iPhone 15 Pro will get a camera with a periscope lens. These are capable of zooming in further without loss of quality. Further than the current 3x. Other manufacturers have been applying these for some time.

It is also expected that Apple will no longer use physical buttons but capacitive ones. These simulate the feeling of touch through a vibration motor. Apple did something similar with the Touch ID button and the Magic Trackpad.

Via: (1), (2)

ts Apple Taptic Engine

Supplier hints at missing physical buttons iPhone 15 Pro

Rumors ·

In a letter to shareholders, a familiar Apple supplier said it would begin supplying a new component to the smartphone industry next year. According to business analysts, this could well mean that the physical buttons on next year's iPhone will be swapped for haptic ones.

But first, let us go back to September 2016. That's when Apple announced the iPhone 7. Like its predecessor, this one had a home button containing a fingerprint scanner called Touch ID. What was new about this was that the home button was not a button. It looked like one and clicked like a button, but it was not a button. Thanks to a sensor, the iPhone 7 recognized that you pressed it. The Taptic Engine then simulated the feel of a pressed button.

Phil Schiller introduces the Taptic Engine during Apple's Keynote of the iPhone 7
Taptic Engine on the iPhone 7

It sounds a bit cumbersome, but fewer moving parts means less wear and tear. Plus, this helps make it more waterproof. The home button is now gone, but the iPhone still has buttons. For example, to control the volume and to turn it on and off. Perhaps those await the same fate as the home button of the iPhone 7.

Cirrus Logic

At least that would appear reading this letter from Cirrus Logic to shareholders. It expects to deliver a new HPMS component for a smartphone by 2023. HPMS stands for High-Performance Mixed-Signal, a technique used for haptic feedback. Apple uses this in its Taptic Engine.

Several Barclays analysts suggest that Apple may use these components in the upcoming iPhone 15 series. There have long been rumors that Apple would like to avoid using physical buttons. Earlier, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claimed that Apple would use solid-state buttons instead. But only for the iPhone 15 Pro models, the standard iPhone 15 will get "normal" volume buttons.

Most important Apple iPhone 15 Pro specifications

Dimensions 146.6 x 70.6 x 8.25 mm
Weight 187 grams
Item ID A3102
EAN code 5413729245044, 5413729245037, 5413729245020, 5413729245013, 5413729245006, 5413729244993, 5413729244986, 5413729244979, 5413729244962, 5413729244955, 5413729244948, 5413729244931, 5413729244924, 5413729244917, 5413729244900, 5413729244894, 0195949021275, 0195949021213, 0195949021091, 0195949021039, 0195949020919, 0195949020858, 0195949020735, 0195949020674, 0195949020551, 0195949020490, 0195949020377, 0195949020315, 0195949020193, 0195949020131, 0195949020018, 0195949019951, 0195949019838, 0195949019777, 0195949019654, 0195949019593, 0195949019470, 0195949019418, 0195949019296, 0195949019234, 0195949019111, 0195949019050, 0195949018930, 0195949018879, 0195949018756, 0195949018695, 0195949018572, 0195949018510 Show 34 more, 5413729244917, 5413729244900, 5413729244894, 0195949021275, 0195949021213, 0195949021091, 0195949021039, 0195949020919, 0195949020858, 0195949020735, 0195949020674, 0195949020551, 0195949020490, 0195949020377, 0195949020315, 0195949020193, 0195949020131, 0195949020018, 0195949019951, 0195949019838, 0195949019777, 0195949019654, 0195949019593, 0195949019470, 0195949019418, 0195949019296, 0195949019234, 0195949019111, 0195949019050, 0195949018930, 0195949018879, 0195949018756, 0195949018695, 0195949018572, 0195949018510
Operating system
iOS 17
Color display 6.1 inch, Super Retina XDR, hole-punch display
Camera 12 MP, 12 MP, 48 MP
Processor Apple A17 Pro, hexa core
Secondary camera 12 MP
Dust and waterproof
Dual SIM
Data network
4G (LTE)
Build-in memory
Internal memory 8 GB (Size (RAM)), 1 TB (Storage), 128 GB (Storage), 256 GB (Storage), 512 GB (Storage)
Memory card slot
Power supply
Battery 3274 mAh
Fast charging
Wireless charging
Audio jack plug

All Apple iPhone 15 Pro specifications

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