"Apple iPhone 12 Pro gets better camera zoom"

Lately we see better and better camera zoom on phones. For example, Huawei introduced the periscope lens, many other phones already zoom up to 10 to 20x and Samsung introduced Space Zoom with 100x zoom. Now it's time for Apple to keep up.

A name for the successor of the iPhone 11 Pro is still unknown. We say iPhone 12 Pro but it might well be the 'iPhone 11s Pro'. Apple is not very consistent when it comes to naming new iPhones. It doesn't matter much because according to Max Weinbach we already know more about the future specifications. Especially about the camera.

The device Apple is working on gets an upgraded 64 megapixel camera where the iPhone 11 Pro still has to do with 3x 12 megapixel. These extra pixels are reportedly not used to improve image sharpness but are mainly used for zooming. Apple will use lenses to zoom, for example with a periscope lens like Samsung does with the Galaxy S20 Ultra. As a result, Apple cannot guarantee the same high image quality, but thanks to Computational Photography, i.e. smart algorithms and a lot of calculations, it will come close.

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