Next Samsung Galaxy Watch could be square

Since the Gear S2, Samsung has been releasing round smartwatches. With the exception of a few rectangular Fit models, we haven't seen any square Samsung smartwatches. But that might change.

Because according to Sammobile, Samsung is reportedly considering releasing another square smartwatch. Possibly as a counterpart to the Apple Watch, which has always been square since its release.

Square Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch worn by someone on a bike in the rain
This Gear 2 was one of Samsung's last square smartwatches

In 2014, Samsung released its last square smartwatch, the Gear Live. Since then, Samsung has exclusively released round models, except for thus a few rectangular Fit models. Round smartwatches made switching easier for traditional watch buyers, and the round screens looked more futuristic back then.

Time will tell

Now that both arguments are time-barred, it is time for Samsung to do something else. Moreover, square screens can display more information and are more accessible for users to interact with. Whether Samsung will release a square Galaxy Watch and when this will hit the market remains to be seen. The source does not bring us much more than this rumor, so there is little choice but to wait.

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