Providers encourage customers to stay at home

#StayHome because of Coronavirus

Users are flooding social media because of a warning on their mobile phones. In the status bar at the top some now have #StayHome; a warning to stay at home because of the Coronavirus.

It seems that some telecom operators have changed their network name you normally see at the top of the screen. Some like Vodafone in Germany have added #StayHome. Many young people are now reporting this on social media. It was mainly young people that underestimated the effects and risks of the new Coronavirus.

Many people are currently working at home because of the Coronavirus. And even though young people are free from school and jobs a lot of them are still going out to socialize. Going to the park and beach for example. And by not keeping 1.5 meters distance from one other they are at risk of infecting themselves and others. Whether this is a joint effort between telecom providers and the authorities is unclear, but it is known that users from all over the world are receiving the alert.


Some phones such as the iPhone the network name (and thus the #StayHome message) is only visible when WiFi is switched off. This is exactly when they are outside and need to be warned. So the campaign seems to be very effective. Do you also have a warning on your phone? Take a screenshot and share it with us down here in the comments.

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