Cebit 2006 is over next is 2007, but first a small impression of Cebit 2006

Cebit 2006 has ended and that means ending our complete story about the event. You will find all information about new products in this newsitem next to a nice photo impression of the fair.

The biggest European IT event also known as Cebit has ended and that means we will end our Cebit story for this year. Three small newsitems will be available in the upcoming week containing all new Pantech, VK Mobile and Telit products. You can check them out when they are online.

We discussed and have seen a lot during this last event. All new introductions were mentioned on our website and we give you the links to the stories below. Furthermore we managed to take more than 1200 photos and 70 videos of the newest products and devices. Feel free to check them out in the upcoming minutes, hours or days at the corresponding devices.

During the event more than 40 new products and several new brands were introduced to the market. All of these new mobile phones can be found on our website and we hope you will find what you need. For questions or advise about our website feel free to mail us.

All news posted the last few days in relation to Cebit is given here:

- Windows Mobile at Cebit 2006; A lot of new high-end introductions
- ImCoSys; first Linux Smartphone for European market
- Alcatel at Cebit 2006; Introduction of five new devices
- Grundig Mobile presents four new devices at Cebit 2006
- Sagem on Cebit 2006; five new products and one unique new device
- New Toshiba TS608 & TS808 on Cebit 2006
- New Sharp 770SH introduced on Cebit 2006
- Samsung shows the first phones with 8 GB harddisk and 10 megapixel camera
- Samsung expands its portofolio
- TWIG Locator new guarding device for position finding
- BenQ Mobile expands portofolio with six new devices

Cebit 2006 photo impression

Cebit 01
A pitty you do not get the car with the new Asus Lamborghini laptop
Cebit 02
Samsung Pressmeeting
Cebit 03Cebit 04
Microsoft/Samsung Origami
Cebit 05Cebit 06
Samsung was present in the Convention Center with new products and a large pressmeeting
Cebit 07
O2 stand
Cebit 08
O2 stand shot from a special angle
Cebit 09
The Nokia N70 is watching you!
Cebit 10
TomTom newest GO 910
Cebit 11
Holding a TomTomGO 910
Cebit 12
NEC did not show anything new or special
Cebit 13Cebit 14
But LG did ;-)
Cebit 15Cebit 16
And so did VK Mobile
Cebit 17
But this company got the show together with SanDisk and others who were bodypainting
Cebit 18
Most special item on the Motorola stand :-(
Cebit 19
Sony Ericsson at Cebit 2006
Cebit 20Cebit 21Cebit 22
Do you need to dress your phone? Feel free to find your color!
Cebit 23Cebit 24
A new Nokia stand; but nothing new on the stand itself
Cebit 25Cebit 26
Enough new stuff on the Samsung stand
Cebit 27Cebit 28
BenQ Mobile showed the Ronaldo mobile phone
Cebit 29
And a new football pitch specially designed for the World Cup 2006. It will be hard to beat the germans on this kind of pitch. :-S
Cebit 30Cebit 31Cebit 32Cebit 33Cebit 34
How do you copy a iPod and make it a phone? Uh like this!
Cebit 35Cebit 36
How do you copy a Nokia 8800? Uh like this!
Cebit 37
Which company has the biggest flatscreen display? Let's have a contest!
Cebit 38Cebit 39Cebit 40Cebit 41
Panasonic wins by one inch!
Some nice overview shots of Cebit 2006
Cebit 42Cebit 43Cebit 44Cebit 45Cebit 46Cebit 47Cebit 48Cebit 49Cebit 50Cebit 51
Going back home! :-(

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