HMD announces trio of Nokia 4G phones

Digitally detox with the Nokia 215 4G (2024), 225 4G (2024) and 235 4G (2024)

HMD, best known for Nokia phones, has announced a trio of 4G phones that bear the Nokia name. These are feature phones that are great for digital detox.

The simplest is the Nokia 215 4G (2024). This one, unlike the 225 4G and 235 4G, does not have a camera. However, there is a flashlight on the back that you can use as a flashlight.

Nokia 215 4G 2024 announced

You can play old-fashioned Snake with the 215 4G and pair your Bluetooth headphones to listen to radio. Besides calling, you can do much more. It does have an app to check the news and weather. But that's where the functions end. So you can see that in the starting price of just $49.99. Available colors are black and dark blue.

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Nokia 225 4G (2024)

Those who do want a camera can go with the 225 4G (2024). Although you should not expect too much from the VGA camera.

Nokia 225 4G 2024 Pink Introduced

The screen measures 2.4 inches and there is currently only one color to Choose between; pink. A blue version is expected later. The price is €64.99.

Nokia 235 4G (2024)

The most comprehensive is the Nokia 235 4G (2024) which is equipped with a 2MP camera. Here the screen measures 2.8 inches and here too you listen to radio on the go and make calls for hours with the 1450 mAh large battery.

Nokia 235 4G 2024 Purple Announced

The starting price is €69.99 and the available colors are black and cyan blue. Elsewhere, we have also spotted a purple variant but it does not seem to be available everywhere.

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