Samsung becomes largest phone manufacturer again thanks to Galaxy S24

Thanks to solid growth last quarter, Samsung is again the largest phone manufacturer as measured by market share. Samsung was the largest for many years until Apple took over the title in the last quarter of 2023. For a short time, it now appears.

Since last quarter, Samsung may once again call itself the world's largest smartphone manufacturer. The company took over the spot from Apple, which had a good quarter thanks to the launch of the iPhone 15.

IDC Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker until the first quarter of 2024
Source: IDC Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker

Apple traditionally experiences its best results in the fourth quarter, just after the new generation iPhone hits the market. However, Apple saw iPhone 15 sales decline significantly in the first quarter of 2024, allowing Samsung to take its chance to regain the top spot, possibly due to sales of the S24 series.

Chinese growth

According to the IDC Mobile Phone Tracker, Xiaomi holds the third market share, followed by Transsion, better known by brand names such as Tecno and Infinix. That company's market share was up 84.9% compared to a year earlier.

Last but not least is Oppo, which, along with Transsion and Xiaomi, are all Chinese companies. Overall, smartphone sales increased 9.7% last quarter. However, if we compare it to the previous year's period, the increase comes to 7.8%.

Galaxy AI

Samsung's taking the top spot is most likely due to the launch of the Galaxy S24, S24+ and S24 Ultra. The company reported higher sales figures than those of previous flagships.

Samsung's many AI features, Which It has equipped the S24 series with, are also widely praised in reviews. One of the most important features, Circle-to-Search, comes from Google.

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