Samsung aims for 600 MP camera phone

In an editorial, Yongin Park, head of Samsung's sensor department, explains what the next step will be for camera phones. He thinks that soon 600 megapixel cameras will be possible; more than the human eye can see.

More isn't always better, especially when it comes to megapixels. It's what you do with them. That's why we've been seeing more and more Pixel Binning lately; a technique that uses information from multiple pixels to create 1 pixel. As a result, 48 megapixel cameras spit out 12-megapixel photos. Ideal for night photography and also allows you to zoom in on the sensor itself without loss of quality.

Samsung Yongin Park
Yongin Park, Head of Sensor Business Team

As far as the future is concerned, Yongin Park thinks that our phones will soon have 500 or 600 megapixel camera sensors. These not only capture razor-sharp images, they also see what the human eye can't. Infrared for example. This can be used to detect skin cancer. Farmers can inspect their crops from home. Yongin Park even predicts your future camera can smell or taste objects.

Speed camera technology

The development of camera technology is speeding up it seems. In May of 2019 Samsung announced its first 64 megapixel sensor for use in mobile phones. Six months later, it launched its first 108 megapixel sensor. When we will find the first 500 or even 600 megapixel sensors is still unknown, but that Samsung is already openly talking about it promises a lot.


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