Google reports pre-announcement Pixel Fold and shows design

Rather unexpectedly, Google has already shown off the Pixel Fold. Via a tweet, Google sent an image of the first foldable from Mountain View. The device is not officially expected until Google I/O, which starts this year on May 10.

"May The Fold Be With You" is how Google revealed the Pixel Fold. In the same tweet, Google also reports that we won't hear more from it until May 10, but the video shows it in all its glory and from every angle. These are the better teasers.

Since so much of the , Google Pixel Fold had already been leaked by now, the video above doesn't teach us much new. The 8-second video does not mention any specifications.

Own design

Vergelen with Samsung's Fold 4, the Pixel Fold appears to be a bit wider when folded. That makes it slightly more manageable when closed. Inside, the Fold features fairly wide-screen bezels, something we rarely see these days.

We look forward to hearing from Google on May 10 about the device's specifications. And how much the device will cost. According to rumors, the starting price is not soft, but that is currently true for any foldable.

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