Review: Sony Ericsson MDS-70; the stereo home audio system for your Walkman!

First the devices was Sony Ericssons intention, after that the accessories! But what an accessories. A complete stereo home audio system for your own Walkman device is the first one.

Walkman series; it is a brand that has become a statement in the current market of mobile telephony and accessories. Sony Ericsson has put this brand on the map with a large number of mobile phones which all have great music possibilities and fantastic music playback.

The Sony Ericsson W800i was the first in line of models which was rapidly flanked by W550i, W600i, W900i and new W300i, W700i, W810i and W950i. These models showed and will show in the coming period their unique points that imply the brand Walkman. The devices will also do well in their own segment of the market.

Beside these models Sony Ericsson will show a line with special accessories. Examples of this are the Music Power Pack; one package with a cradle, charger and a music cable or the MPS-60 portable loudspeakers which are small enough to put into your trousers or coat pocket.

Next to both accessories there is a new MDS-70, the stereo home audio system with really excellent sound quality. With a special amplifier, remote control, loudspeakers with a complete range and subwoofer one can enjoy stored music or the built in RDS FM-radio at home.

The set has been carried out in stylish silver grey colour and has a connection for each Walkman model now available. Also an external radio antenna and line-in device can be connected.

The device is simply clicked onto the connector and the set is switched on by means of the subwoofer which should be laid under a table or beside a cupboard for the best quality. On the device or remote control it is possible to switch on the music or the radio when one has the need to do that. In the meantime the battery of the device is charged.

Is the music switched on and the remote control used then it is not possible to forward or go back to another song. This must be done on the device itself. The volume can be adapted, besides switching on the surround function (which is not that great), the established equaliser setting from the device and adapting the Bass-level and/or Treble-level.

Other options are unfortunately not present. Some number of points is grudgingly missed. An incoming message or call and the alarm are not sounded over the speakers; also the alarm radio and alarm clock radio function do not work on the MDS-70. Having a handsfree conversation by means of the speakerset is unfortunately also not possible and an adapted profile for the set is not present. The last two small points are the fact that the device will enhance the automatic keylock when people have enhanced this and that the screen is switched off during use.

All these points are related to the fact that the system is not picked up in the device as a real accessory. This must be adapted by Sony Ericsson. Next to the missing data cable connection! All these changes can make it a complete set which is part of a room in which a person works, listens to music and exchanges dates with the device by means of a fantastic musical office cradle.

The whole audio quality and audio volume of the system is simply staggeringly. By using several settings on the remote control and in the device one gets a sound quality which has never been shown. However, the small points in the set must be addressed by Sony Ericsson, because the MDS-70 has a real strong potential of growing into a must-have product for everybody's office.

(Not only Walkman models can be used on the MDS-70. Check this link for further information and support on the stereo home audio system.)

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