Europe get new Samsung Galaxy S20+ colors

Good news for those who were tired of the Cloud Blue, Cosmic Gray, Cosmic Black or Aura Blue version of the Galaxy S20+. Soon Samsung will bring some new colors; Cloud White and Aura Red.

The new colors appeared on the Hungarian Samsung site but are also expected elsewhere in Europe. They are available for both the Galaxy S20+ 4G and the S20+ 5G. Samsung introduced the Galaxy S20+ in February of 2020. It was originally only available in the colors Cloud Blue, Cosmic Gray and Cosmic Black.

Samsung Galaxy S20+ in Cloud White and Aura Red
S20+ now also in Cloud White and Aura Red

A few months later Samsung also announced the dark blue version Aura Blue. It was previously released together with Aura Red and Cloud Pink in South Korea. This is a strategy that Samsung often uses. It gives providers the exclusive right to sell a specific color. Something that always does well in terms of sales. The same seems to be happening for some versions of the S20+. For example, the new colors of the S20+ 5G are not for sale directly from Samsung in Hungary, but through an exclusive partner. It will therefore take some time before all the new colors are widely available.

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