Samsung Galaxy S25 gets familiar battery

The folks behind GalaxyClub have found out which battery the Samsung Galaxy S25 will get. It turns out to be an old one.

Where GalaxyClub got the battery capacity of the Galaxy S25 from, they do not say, but they claim it is equal to the current Galaxy S24. That works out to 4000mAh. Where the S25+ and S25 Ultra will end up, we don't know yet.

Samsung Galaxy S24 battery.
S25 gets same battery as S24

Meanwhile, we also know what type number Samsung is giving the Galaxy S25. It has become SM-S931. These are crumbs of information coming to us so far, but let's be happy with whatever we get.

Battery AI

Earlier news reached us that Samsung plans to extend the battery life of the S25 thanks to the use of AI. The use of a more economical processor could also provide longer battery life.

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And yet, we don't think the Samsung Galaxy S25 boasts a longer battery life than the S24. Newly added features and better graphics usually prevent that. Whether the same is true here remains to be seen.

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