ETSI approves Apples nano-SIM

Apple idea about a new smaller simcard has been approved by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute. With some small adjudgements from Motorola and RIM we can expect this new simcard in future mobile phones.

This ends the ongoing discussion about the successor of the microSIM. The fourth generation simcard (4FF) is 40% smaller and measures 12.3 by 8.8 millimeters. The nanoSIM is almost identical to the current generation simcard but without the plastic rim. This seems the most important reason for ETSI to approve this design because this ensures backwards compatibility.

Nanosim, microsim

The original design was submitted by Apple and contains some small adjudgements from Motorola and RIM. Biggest opponent of the design is Nokia. Reason for this is that the new nanoSIM fits in a microSD memory slot causing jamming. The current design doesn't prevent this, but is doesn't fit in a microSIM adapter anymore (mini-UICC). Main reason for a smaller simcard is that this leaves more room for other components.

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