Review: Nokia BH-800; fashion, style and quality in a compact headset

The accessory range of Bluetooth headset is not the most well-known part that Nokia offers, but that does not mean they do not have the ability to show qualitive strong products within this product segment. The BH-800 is an example of this.

Nokia is the manufacturer of mobile phones we all know, but that is not the complete story. They can also deliver some pretty nice accessories. An example of this is the range of Bluetooth headsets that they offer. Different sorts, sizes and special shapes are available in a wide price range. Within this range we will discuss the Nokia BH-800 headset today; a real high end headset.

The headset is delivered in two colours and with a modest box containing several parts such as a manual in several languages, a special pouch, a charger and a headset strap on which you can carry the BH-800. The stylish box has some nice accessories and contains more than can be expected from such an accessory product. The idea behind the large pouch was not quite sure. The headset is four times bigger in size than the pouch itself.

The special headset strap can be used around the neck. The U-shaped strap servers as a fixing space for the BH-800 headset. You can connect it by placing the speaker part between the two halves.

The headset is really small and fits the ear superby. The speaker part is placed inside the ear and the halve ear loop is put around the ear. This loop can be rotated into several directions, which makes it possible to fit the headset on both ears; left and right.

When you carry the headset for quite some time it can happen that speaker part becomes some what irritating inside the ear. This is depended on the size of the ear itself in which the speaker is placed. Any irritating effect in relation to the ear loop did not occur during hot days or intensive usage.

The quality of the headset is quite good. Conversations are clear and sound rather sharp. There were no direct problems in relation to the distance that the microphone has from the mouth. The quality does not suffer and in quiet circumstances it is quite hard to find out if the BH-800 is used as primary microphone.

The controls do not give any problems either. However incoming conversations are picked up quite late and also the final setup of the conversation can take an extra second. It did occur that when the conversation was answered a person did not here the greeting given to him. It had to be repeated over again. This small problem occurred during use of the headset that uses the standard Nokia ringtone to address incoming calls. On the sides you will find the connection for the charger and the volume button.

The weight of the headset is 9 gram which makes it one of the lightest headsets available at this moment. Also the size is small. The device has a size of 41 x 18 x 9 mm. Furthermore it supports Bluetooth 2.0 and can achieve a maximum of 160 hours standby time and a call time of six hours.

If we look at the complete picture surrounding the BH-800 it can be said that it’s a stylish headset which any person can use in any circumstance. The delivered accessories in the package are nice and the headset has enough capabilities to be a great Bluetooth companion. People that need a fashionable and stylish headset addressing quality should take the BH-800.

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