The touchy feeling of the new LG KG800 and Samsung E900

The touchpad is currently the newste feature on the market of mobile phones, Two new models support this new feature; the LG KG800 and Samsung E900. We tell you what which one to choose.

A comparison of the KG800 and the E900 should not be missed when you talk about the new unique feature of the two. The touchpad is this new feature and we will compare both devices on this and other items.

Samsung shows us during Cebit 2006 in Europe the first looks of the new E900. The device that was thought to be the first device with the new functionality was great success on the event. The keys did not work optimal at that stage, but after some fine-tuning the Samsung device is great to use nowadays.

LG showed their device two weeks latter. The LG KG800 was the first to hit the European market was the statement from LG. There were wrong on the introduction but correct on the release date. The LG was the first to hit the market and originates from a device made under the brand name Cyon. This is the mobile brand from LG in Korea. A certain device was already shown at the end of last year, so LG can claim the right to be the first to put such a functionality into a mobile device.

How does the touchpad operate? On the front of any device there are several soft keys. Special about these soft keys is that there are not physically present. There are not real buttons or keys on which the user presses. The keys are touch sensitive and are called the touchpad of the mobile device.

When the slide of for instance the E900 is opened, the keys become visible. The backlighting behind every key that can be used at that instant will light up. By using your own fingers and touching the corresponding place on the touchpad the function will be started. You will not physically press a key such as on a keyboard of the device. The controls need a little training before they can be used quickly enough and they are quite sensitive. By touching it a little bit the function will be started. It is an advantage that the E900 uses a central key that is not touch sensitive. It will ensure a quicker control through the menu.

The LG KG800 uses a comparable system, but the central key is touch sensitive. Next to that the line-up of the keypad is different, which leads to more difficult control of the KG800. The background color of the LG is red and that gives it something special. It is nicer than the white used on the E900.

The E900 has next to the standard soft keys, three special soft keys that can only be used when the MP3 player is switched on. Starting a number or searching for a number is possible with these keys. The LG does not have certain specific keys for the MP3 player.

When we look at both models it becomes clear that the looks are not that different. The setup is the same, only the LG is little bit wider and thinner than the E900 and also lighter than the Samsung device. The choice between the two on looks is decided in favour of the LG. People find it classier and more stylish. But next to that some people do address the central key on the E900, which is not touch sensitive and operates quicker when browsing in the menu.

In the box of both we find a lot of accessories. The E900 offers next to a charger; a headset and data cable with software. The LG KG800 has more to offer. The device has a complete package containing a special cleaning device, a headset with remote and 3.5 mm port, a pouch, charger and data cable with software. The LG wins on the contents of the box.

To keep the story short several points will be discussed quite fast. The call quality of the LG and Samsung does not show a major difference. But when really test it; it becomes clear that the Samsung is clearer and less dull. Also the headset of the E900 is better during conversations. A handsfree function is not available on the LG. The Samsung does have such an option.

The screens of both are also a point that need be addressed. The Samsung has a 262.000 color QVGA screen and the LG a 262.000 color screen with the resolution of 176 x 220 pixels. The screen of the LG is smaller then the E900 in relation to the resolution. The physical size of the LG screen is larger than the one in the Samsung. The contrast and readability of the E900 is better than the LG. The LG is quite good, but when you turn the screen and watch it under an angle the difference becomes clear.

Both devices do not have a major difference relating menu and user ability. The Samsung is easier to use. The keys are placed were they are mend to be. With the LG you really need to learn the touchpad. It is not that easily designed as the Samsung and you need to use the power button on the side quite often to exit some functions. It asks for more training than the Samsung.

Messaging is ok with both. Entering text is going well and without any problems. The settings between the two are different and when somebody is used to one another and will switch it will leave the user with some training. The LG can only store 150 SMS messages, the Samsung 50 more.

On the item connectivity both devices have high scores. USB mass storage is supported on both devices and also the Bluetooth connection does not give any problems. In relation to the available memory options something needs to be addressed. The LG has a maximum of 128 MB internal memory. It is not expandable, unfortunately. The E900 however has a MicroSD memory card slot and can store more music and other data.

When the music is placed on the device itself, it needs to be played. The preference goes to the LG this time. However the player cannot be placed into the background but sounds better. Also the equalizer has more options and the headset has a remote and 3.5 mm port. Also the speaker is not that screaming like the E900. The MP3 player in the LG is our preference.

Other parts of the device should not be forgotten such as the camera and the battery time. The E900 with its fantastic 2.0 Mpixel camera is no real opponent for the LG which has a 1.3 Mpixel camera. Also the videocamera is better in the E900. The resolution in which it records is higher and also the options are more extended. The battery time of both models is something in which the E900 scores higher than the LG. The Samsung has a battery time of around four days. The KG800 has a maximum of three days. Charging the LG will cost you 2.5 hours.

At the end we can finally conclude that both models are not that different on forehand. The strong points around the LG KG800 are the accessory package, the better MP3 player, headset with remote and 3.5 mm port and the stylish looks. Against it, you will find the E900 which has a fantastic 2.0 Mpixel camera, better call quality, external memory card slot, handsfree function, screen with a higher resolution, availability of flight mode and the possibility to connect a stereo Bluetooth headset.

When you go for looks take the LG and we can justify that. The same counts when 128 MB is enough and the better MP3 player prevails. When you choose specifications and a device with a better camera, handsfree function and the possibility to connect a stereo Bluetooth headset then take the E900.

The E900 wins the specification fight on points. But when you put both into a modelling contest the LG would win with a big leap!

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