Full photo of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 released, fold still visible

An actual photo has appeared showing the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 6. We can clearly see the new look Samsung is giving this foldable. More angular, slightly wider and a smaller hinge. But we also see an old familiarity back. The fold.

We have already seen renders of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and even a partial photo. But a photo showing the entire device was still missing. A Korean forum now has the scoop.

Real life picture of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6.
Photo of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6

It was already revealed earlier that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 is a lot more angular. The hinge has also all but disappeared indicating a substantial redesign. Furthermore, the device appears a bit wider than the Fold 5 which should increase the ease of use of the cover screen.

Still visible fold

Once unfolded, we see that, like its predecessors, the Fold 6 features a visible fold. In our own experience, this is hardly noticeable during use, but a visible fold is often mentioned as an objection. Samsung's competitors have now found a solution to this, by pressing against the fold from the inside.

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It's possible that the fold is less prominent than on the Fold 5 but we'll hear more about that in mid-July when Samsung officially announces the device. Then we will also see that other Samsung foldable; the Flip 6.

Via: @ta__tech

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