Microsoft KIN scragged

Microsoft cancelled the KIN smart phone even before it could hit the European market. All KIN-developers will now be part to the Windows Phone 7 team, announced the software manufacturer.

KIN was launched in early May in two variants. This fall, both would take the step over the ocean to be sold in Europe. Microsoft cancelled that plan yesterday.

Teen phone fails

With its extraordinary square slider KIN One and the more conventional KIN Two, the Redmond-based company sought to reach teens and young adults. Being available for only two months, it's clear that success won't come.

Microsoft KIN phone

Microsoft now focusses on the development of it's operating system for smart phones. Windows Phone 7, that should catch up with Apple's iPhone and Google's Android.

Microsoft still has some KIN phones available. The devices will be sold in the US with a Verizon Wireless contract.

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