"Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra camera gets 1x, 3x and 5x zoom"

Dedicated 10x zoom lens may disappear

The first rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra are in. A well-known insider claims the device must do without a dedicated 10x zoom camera. Instead, it may be replaced by one with 5x zoom.

This rumor originated by Ice Universe. According to this insider, the S24 Ultra will have to make do without a dedicated 10x zoom lens. Something that was found on the S23 Ultra.

Two by @UniverseIce about the S24 Ultra lacking a 10x zoom camera

The Galaxy S23 Ultra has rather preculiar zoom levels; 0.5x, 1x, 3x and 10x. Meaning there is quite a gap between 3 and 10. The S24 Ultra fills this gap by introducing a 50MP camera with 5x zoom. This replaces the 10x zoom. But we won't be surprised if the S24 Ultra can still zoom 10x, but digitally. The considerably larger 50MP camera sensor and the custom software could handle this just fine. Especially considering that the S23 Ultra can already zoom 100x digitally.

Other S24 Ultra rumors

Other rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra are scarce. It is possible that the device will only be available with 16GB of RAM and will be equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 in all regions, while the entry-level S24 and S24+ will also come with Exynos chipsets. In terms of battery, few differences are expected. So, possibly the same capacity and charging speeds you are already used to now.

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