Render shows yet unofficial Samsung Galaxy A15

Even before its official unveiling, the Samsung Galaxy A15 is out in the open. Renders depicting the device show remarkable similarities to its predecessor, which in itself was already headed in a new direction.

For some time, Samsung has been trying to standardize its smartphone design. Whether you buy an inexpensive Galaxy A, a playful Galaxy M, or an advanced Galaxy S, they all should look similar. This results in consumers recognizing one from far away. At least that's the idea.

Samsung Galaxy A15 Render shared by Onleaks and The Tech Outlook
Render of Galaxy A15

Not surprisingly, this now released Galaxy A15 looks like every other modern Galaxy phone. But it also looks like the A14 from almost a year back. It means a phone with three cameras on the back and a somewhat dated-looking notch on the front. Albeit that this time, it is not a V-notch but a U-notch.

Flat sides

What else can we tell you about the Galaxy A15? The device has a flat front and back. And so do the sides, which were previously rounded. It is still unclear when Samsung plans to announce the Galaxy A15 with and possibly without 5G. The A14 was announced between January and March of 2023, so it may take some time.

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