LG confirms name LG Wing; alternative to foldable

LG has come up with a alternative to foldables. Instead of a foldable screen, it will soon present a device with a 2nd screen that swivels from behind the main screen. LG is already announcing the name; the LG Wing.

Manufacturers have been struggling for years with the question: how do I get the largest possible screen in the smallest possible housing. Now that we are running out of options, some manufacturers are introducing foldable models. These so-called 'foldables' have some disadvantage because they are still very new. There are few manufacturers where you can buy components from, they are expensive and, even worse, have some issues that needs solving. LG may have found something to combat those problems.

LG Wing

Because instead of a foldable screen, LG places a 2nd one behind the main screen. You then have a larger screen area at your disposal. The advantage of this is that you don't have to reinvent anything, no complicated hinges, no folding screen panels. The technology is already there. Pretty smart if you ask us. We have already seen a video of the Wing where on the main screen a navigation app is running and on the 2nd screen music can be controlled.

90° swivel

The design reminds us of the swivel design in the past. This time LG does not use a keyboard as often happened, but a 2nd screen. You can rotate the 2nd screen of the LG Wing up to 90 degrees. The main screen measures 6.8 inches and the secondary screen measures somewhere around 4 inches. There are some concerns about how thick the Wing is going to be, hopefully we will hear more about that soon. The expected price is currently the amount of 1000 US Dollar. That is high but not as high as some other foldables.

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