Firmware Update Friday - Week 38 2010

Time to say goodbye to some nasty old bugs! This week a firmware update for the Motorola Milestone Milestone XT720 and the Google Nexus One.

Motorola Milestone XT720

Users of the Motorola Milestone XT720 can use the full power of the processor of their smartphone again when they download the latest update for their phone. Before, the processor was slowed down to 550Mhz. Motorola increased the frequency to 720Mhz in an update. Also, you will get DNLA support, a new standard that wirelessly connects media devices like TV's and phones.

Unfortunately, Motorola doesn't say how you can obtain the update, so we assume that you'll get the update automatically over-the-air.

Google Nexus One - FRG83

Google Nexus One users can also grap their piece of happiness; Google is sending out a brand new firmware as we speak. You don't have to do anything; all is done via OTA. But there is also a manual download available.

It seems to be a minor update with few changes. The update is only possible for those who are running Vanilla Android.

Stay up to date, see you next week, for a new Firmware Update Friday!

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