OnePlus already shows OnePlus 8T in Aquamarine Green

Officially it hasn't been announced yet but OnePlus has already published a video showing the OnePlus 8T. Striking because the unveiling will take place in a week.

It is not common for manufacturers to speak about unannounced phones, let alone show them. OnePlus has always been different in this respect. In the video below we get a preview of the OnePlus 8T in Aquamarine Green. That color looks very similar to Glacial Green from the OnePlus 8.

Where the OnePlus 8 still has a matte rear, the back of the 8T seems more glossy. Not everybody likes that, mainly because it is a lot more sensitive to smudges and fingerprints. The design seems to be in line with earlier rumors. For example, the camera setup has moved to the top left corner and it also protrudes a bit. It consists of four cameras in total (at least one of which is 48MP) and has two LED flashes.

Designed to perform

OnePlus ends its video with the message "Designed to perform". This suggests that it has a more powerful processor than the OnePlus 8. This is not consistent with rumors that the device has the same Snapdragon 865 processor. Qualcomm has announced a faster version in the form of the 865+ but it is still unclear whether it has found its way into the 8T

The launch of the OnePlus 8T is scheduled for Wednesday 14 October at 16:00 CEST. As usual, the event can be attended online via a live stream. All missing pieces of the puzzle will undoubtedly become clear.

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