Review: Jabra BT620s; just listen wireless stereo music the easy way

Jabra is the biggest manufacturer of Bluetooth headsets and other audio accessories for your mobile phone. Within their line-up of products there are some special products, such as the Jabra BT620s stereo Bluetooth headset.

In Europe Jabra is the biggest manufacturer of Bluetooth headsets and other audio accessories for your mobile phone and other devices. Within the large range of products you will find a set of special products such as the Jabra BT620s, a Bluetooth stereo headset that can be used during several moments when you are in need of music.

The big headset which consists of two separate speaker parts and a connection bow between them can be placed around the head and is available for some time now in shops and web shops. The Jabra BT620s gives the user perfect audio quality directly from your mobile phone, MP3 player, PC or laptop. When you are listening music it is even possible to address incoming calls via the headset.

On the pictures shown in this review it is clearly shown that you cannot speak of a normal standard headset around your ear. No, this Jabra family member is a real headset fixated around audio, music en offers also the option to switch between your incoming call and your favourite music.

While placing the headset around your ears, people not familiar with the system could ask themselves how the headset is fitted. You place the bow behind your heard and both speakers on the ears. It fits quite nicely and after some long period of use you do not have a sour feeling around your ears. The chosen materials are key in this situation. The size of headset however is something that can give some laughter. It is quite a large headset which you use and walk around with. The special blinking blue-lighted rings on the speaker parts can be added up to that. Luckily they can be switched off.

The second issue is using the headset. The Jabra BT620s is a Bluetooth stereo headset, which supports the profiles Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) and Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP). Both profiles are essential while listening music and controlling the music player using a wireless connection. Via our search function you can enter the Bluetooth A2DP profile which sets up the wireless connection and generate a list of mobile phones which support this feature. Tip: Use the Advanced specifications and details setting!

The profile AVRCP makes it possible to change the setting start, pause, forward and previous inside the music player via the headset and the wireless connection. What does it mean? People do need to use wired headsets that lie around and mess up your desk or pocket. But you can wear a trendy headset which gives you hifi stereo audio such as the Jabra BT620s!

The audio quality of the Jabra BT620s is quite acceptable, but really depends on the device you connect the headset to and the available options that enhance the sound quality. During several tests with several mobile phones it has become clear that the Jabra headset is not better or less than any other wired headset. The quality is quite good and the best in this kind of stereo Bluetooth headset. However the sound is quite dull, dark and it looks like there is a lot of treble and bass in the sound. When you would use a specific music device the quality would be better. These devices are suited for the task off addresssing music headsets.

Phone conversations can also be taken care off with this headset, but you should take notice of the fact that the headset is not specifically designed for this. Users on the other side of the line do complain about the fact that they hear themselves back. The volume must be kept as low as possible or else the microphone will pick it up. Relating the sound quality the same counts for the conversations as mentioned for the music sound quality. It is really noticed when other Bluetooth headsets are used.

The weight of the headset lies around the 100 grams and that is quite heavy for a Bluetooth headset, but not heavier than a comparable headset from another manufacturer. The Motorola HT820 has the same weight as the Jabra family member. The headset has a maximum of 240 hours standby time and a call time of 16 hours and music playtime of 14 hours. No bad values for this music headset. Charging is conducted via a USB cable and mini-USB connection on the headset. It will take you two hours to completely charge the headset.

How can you use the BT620s? Are you a person that loves to listen music than the BT 620s is something you should consider? Next to that you should take notice that a few conversations with this headset are the maximum. Complete conversations are not ment for this music headset.

Do you want to listen music without wires that lie around and mess up your desk or pocket and the freedom of moving around and switching between your incoming calls and your favorite music? That is the prevailing choice that needs to be taken by any user buying this headset! Have you made up your mind after this review and you have decided to try and use a Bluetooth stereo audio headset? Take the BT620s!

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