Background article 4: Bluetooth; are you living the wireless life?

Bluetooth is one of the parts which has been made a killer application for the upcoming years. What is it and what can you achieve with it? NewMobile explains!

NewMobile will discuss the phenomenon Bluetooth in this article together with Jabra the biggest headset developer and the company that has a large amount of Bluetooth headsets with the latest functionalities in their portfolio. All these functionalities will be discussed within this background article. Jabra is the main European brand for Bluetooth accessories.

We will mention to you what you can do currently with several Bluetooth products. Subjects such as listening music without a wired connection between the mobile phone and the headset but via Bluetooth stereo will be discussed. But also sending data to your PC or to a phone of one of your friends. The possibilities with Bluetooth are endless.

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a wireless technique which makes it possible to connect a mobile phone, personal computer or any other device with each other without a wired connection. The radio link supports the connection. A line of sight is not needed between the two devices, only a maximum distance of 10 meters should be kept.

When your GSM supports Bluetooth you can send photos to your laptop or synchronize your agenda with your PC. Also wireless GPS navigation receivers and headsets for state-of-the-art mobile phones use Bluetooth. There is one major point; each device needs to communicate with and support Bluetooth.

Where does the name Bluetooth come from?

The name originated from king Harald Bl?Çtand which ruled Denmark between 910 and 940. Bluetooth or Bl?Çtand in the old Viking language means dark face. Harald had dark brown hear in the contrary with most Viking people. He managed to let tribes from Denmark and Norway "communicate" with each other and united them. Bluetooth is the name the Dutch developer Jaap Haarsten gave to the first project initiated within Ericsson.

How do I pair or connect Bluetooth products?

Devices and accessories need to be paired before you can set up a connection (the pairing could even be secured with a PIN code). If the products are paired, they can be connected. The next step is to look for supported features (profiles) which are available on both sides. When both devices support corresponding features (profiles), they will be made available.

Now a complete connection can be made and used. Disconnecting the wireless connection will not lead to a new pairing. The pairing is saved inside the devices.

Check out the manual of your own mobile phone or other device equipped with Bluetooth for information on pairing and connecting. Not each device serves the same steps. Connecting is quite simple.

Which different Bluetooth versions are available?

The first version of Bluetooth (1.0) had a lot of small errors which were fixed in version 1.1. Version 1.1 was the first standard that was widely used in mobile phones and accessories. Bluetooth 1.1 is reasonably slow while connecting and the energy usage was quite high in the first set of devices. Most devices are currently equipped with 1.1. All the new devices are equipped with 1.2 or 2.0.

In version 1.2 a better sound quality was reached and a new technique was adapted to would enhance the sound quality in high noise rooms. Next to this the speed of the connection set up between the mobile phone and another device was increased.

Version 2.0 is the newest version and is three times faster and uses lower energy consumption. Version 2.0 can be used for VoIP conversations; this means that can make a call with your PC over the internet. It will also mean that you can use your mobile phone for this purpose in the future using a Bluetooth headset.

Next to this Bluetooth 2.0 offers a new function called EDR, which stands for Enhanced Data Rate. The information can be send three times faster as usual. By sending the information over a higher speed, the energy consumption is lower (this will achieve a higher battery time). It is also possible to have multiple connections at the same time with for instance a GPS receiver and a Bluetooth headset. 1.2 had this possibility also, but with version 2.0 it is a stabile and always available to use.

What are Bluetooth profiles?

A lot of people are not familiar with the phenomenon of Bluetooth profiles. Profiles are the possibilities which are offered by both the device and the accessory. Per profile is the functionalities limited (for example headsets) to guarantee that both devices will operate correctly and accurate.

The profiles are created and developed to enhance the quality of the communication between the Bluetooth devices. Within the current line of profiles there have been some additions which give more possibilities to a Bluetooth headset or device.

The Jabra BT325s is a headset that you can connect to your music player as to your Bluetooth
phone. You can listen to your music and answer all your calls without any problems.

The most important profiles that are mentioned everywhere currently are A2DP and AVRCP. Both are mend for listening stereo music via a mobile phone and Bluetooth headset. Jabra has some examples equipped with these features, for instance the BT620s. The headset will be reviewed in the upcoming weeks.

What can you do with Bluetooth Stereo audio?

The latest development in Bluetooth technology is the Bluetooth stereo headset. This new technique offers the possibility to listen hifi stereo via your headset. While listening music, you can answer calls on your headset.

A condition for Bluetooth Stereo is that both products support Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP). Via our search function you can enter the Bluetooth A2DP profile and generate a list of mobile phones which support this feature. Tip: Use the advanced specifications and details setting!

Jabra BT620s, your wireless music companion. Listen music via a mobile phone with Bluetooth
audio and off course this headset and enjoy the wireless freedom!

The profile AVRCP makes it possible to change the setting start, pause, forward and previous inside the music player via the headset and the wireless connection. Through the bandwidth of Bluetooth 2.0 EDR it is possible to have multiple connections with several devices, thus between a mobile phone and a PC or for instance a GPS receiver and a mobile phone.

What does it mean? People do need to use wired headsets that lie around and mess up your desk or pocket. But you can wear a trendy headset which gives you hifi stereo audio! Currently there are several models in the market available; within this group you will find the Jabra BT620s.

What can we do more?

Bluetooth can build up several connections between a large number of devices. You can synchronize your mobile phone with a PC and/or Outlook, exchange data between a PC and any other device with Bluetooth support. It is also possible to set up a connection with your mobile phone acting as a modem for internet connections used by your PDA or laptop.

Enough possibilities for living the wireless life. However the most important part in the current market is setting up a headset connection and having wireless conversations during travel or other activities. Jabra serves as a great companion and has a large amount of headset the fit your needs. They even have fashionable headsets suc as the Jabra BT160 Swarovski, a special headset which fits your ladyphone.

Jabra BT160 Swarovski for any user searching for a special hedaset with
real Swarovski stones in it!
The Jabra BT160 can change to your taste. You can choose one of the 33
special trendy designs!

More information about the headsets can be found on the following page: Jabra homepage.

Future of Bluetooth

After the past years Bluetooth has become a main part of this market. Many people will ask for a mobile phone with Bluetooth onboard. But how will the future of Bluetooth evolve?

That is not quite clear, but Motorola has us shown some examples of what can be done with Bluetooth possibilities. Examples are the Bluetooth sun glasses, Bluetooth stereo winter jacket and the Bluetooth headset that enhance the sound quality by using the vibrations of your jaw. Can it be crazier than this? The future will tell us.

Motorola Audex Jacket Series with Removable control panel, detachable hood speakers and
microphone for easy jacket cleaning. A very special Bluetooth stereo headset in a warm jacket!
Oakley and Motorola O ROKR Bluetooth Stereo sun glasses with build in stereo headset for
easy listening!

More information about the headsets can be found on the following page: Jabra homepage.

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