Retail box shows Google Pixel 8 and specs

Someone captured pictures of the box containing the Google Pixel 8. This also shows some specifications. The device will not be officially announced until a few days from now.

Though it will not be officially announced until October 4, even Google has shown us the Pixel 8. The now-released photos of the retail box do not tell anything new. We see the back of the Google Pixel 8 in gray, a color also called 'Hazel.'

Picture showing the retail box of the upcoming Google Pixel 8 in Hazel Gray
Retail box of the Pixel 8

On the back, we see two cameras on an elevated strip stretching the entire width of the phone. We saw something similar on the Pixel 7, so no surprises there. On the back of the box, we see some writing. It reads "Pixel 8" and "6.2" | 128GB." A confirmation that the screen measures 6.2 inches diagonally and the internal storage is 128GB.

Slightly smaller screen

All this means that the Google Pixel 8 has a slightly smaller screen than the 6.3" of its predecessor. Whether this also makes the device itself more compact remains to be seen. Furthermore, the Pixel 8 is expected to feature a Tensor G3 chip with a 120Hz fluid display. Other specs will become apparent during the Made By Google event.

Via: @PBKreviews

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