Real-life photos show Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Photos have surfaced showing the upcoming Galaxy S24 Ultra. This is the first time images have surfaced of the device. Earlier, only renders appeared.

A closer look at the photos immediately concludes that the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is not a groundbreaking upgrade. The device looks very much like its predecessor, the S23 Ultra, except for a different color.

Real life photo showing the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
For the first time, an actual photo of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra appeared

We do get a first look at what appears to be the titanium frame. It has a matte finish and seems to leave the same fingerprints as the iPhone 15 Pro. That's a known side effect of titanium.

Probably working model

Whether this is a real device or a dummy can't be said. However, we see the time displayed on the screen in one of the photos. This is something that does not usually happen with dummies.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra front and back

Samsung applies a flat back and front, but the sides are rounded. Something that will not happen with the S24 and S24+. Tucked away at the bottom left sits the S Pen. Also present this time are five cameras on the back. Samsung is rumored to be planning to announce the S24 Series on Jan. 17, 2024.


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