"Nothing is working on mid-range Nothing Phone (2a)"

A third Nothing phone may be on its way. No, we are not talking about the Nothing Phone (3) but a simpler mid-range model. And according to rumors, it looks like this.

The Nothing Phone (1) was a premium midrange phone. The Nothing Phone (2) went one step higher and was high-end. That creates room at the lower end of the spectrum. And that's why this rumor makes more than a little sense. The rumor that Nothing is working on the mid-range Nothing Phone (2a).

Leak showing the Nothing Phone (2a)
The alleged Nothing Phone (2a)

According to @saaaanjjjuuu, the Nothing Phone 2a looks like the image above. It is said to be a 6.7-inch device with an AMOLED screen and the Glyph Interface. The leaked image bears strong similarities to the first generation Nothing Phone, where the LED strips are mostly continuous. This can't be said from the Nothing Phone 2.

Relatively unknown source

We suggest you take this report with a pinch of salt. The source does not yet have a reliable track record we can rely on. We have to wait until Nothing has more news.

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