"Apple iPhone 14 Pro models get Hole-Punch screen"

This rumor was circulating for a while but now The Elec mentioned it as well: the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro models will not get a notch but a Hole-Punch screen. Common practice for Android phones for years, and soon also for Apple.

The notch was always an interim solution, an ugly one for that matter. Nowadays, many manufacturers prefer a punch-hole. Round and usually in the middle while others prefer the corner. Apple seems to be leaning towards the middle for the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro with Punch-Hole
This is what the iPhone 14 Pro could look like

The punch-hole has the advantage of giving you more screen space. It also disappears while using (for most of us anyways), a lot more than with a notch. Apple stayed away from it for a long time because it needs the space for the Face ID components. Where those sit on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max is still unclear. It could be underneath the screen, in the bezel but it could also be completely gone. Although the latter option does not seem very plausible.

Not the end of the notch

Apple isn't really saying goodbye to the notch for ever. The entry-level iPhone 14 will likely still get one, and Apple is introducing the notch in their newer MacBook's. It is not very consistent. We are therefore very curious to know how and why Apple partly says goodbye to this recognizable and also controversial design. The source also mentions a 6.7 inch Max model with notch. With the disappearance of the mini model, the 2022 lineup will still include 4 iPhone models.

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Via: The Elec
Photo: Ian Zelbo

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