Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra may be called S22 Note

If you have seen pictures of the upcoming Galaxy S22 series, this story won't come as a surprise. The largest S22, previously called the S22 Ultra, looks very different from its smaller S22 and S22+ siblings. And that is possibly for a reason.

Because according to a new source, the device that we have been calling S22 Ultra up until now will be given a completely different name. One that better suits its biggest advantage; support for the S Pen. Thanks to the more angular appearance and the built-in S Pen, it not only looks very much like a Note phone, but possibly also gets that name; the 'S22 Note'.

Although the rumor sounds plausible we have to realize that it leans on a single source for now. Or rather; one tweet. The Note and Ultra have always had a lot in common; big phones with high-end specs. Now that the Galaxy Note series has been discontinued and taken over by the Galaxy S series, a small reference to it is the least Samsung can do.

S22 Note/Ultra specifications

Despite a possibly different name, we are still talking about the same device. One with a 6.81-inch large AMOLED display, probably with a fast 120Hz display and with a high QHD+ resolution, quadruple camera in a P-shaped layout and of course a built-in S Pen.

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As far as we're concerned it's still too early to present this rumor as truth. We are waiting for the launch and the final word from Samsung. That should possibly happen February 8, 2022. That date was previously mentioned by Jon Prosser as the date for an Unpacked Event. Prosser predicts more often correct information about unannounced phones but he is also sometimes wrong. We will have to wait and see.

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