Terms of Use

By using the NewMobile website and webpage’s you agree on having taken knowledge of the terms of use as described below. You also assign on giving your approval with these terms of use.

  1. Some terms are further explained that are used in the terms of use:
    • the webpage’s: all the webpage’s that are part of the domains NieuweMobiel.NL, NewMobile.nl, NewMobile.com and fs-NewMobile.com;
    • the publisher: the authorized publisher of the webpage;
    • (to) use: (to) load, (to) log in, (to) reclaim, (to) consult, (to) read, (to) view, (to) listen, (to) adapt, (to) fill in, (to) send, (temporary) copy, (to) store, (to) send forward, (to) spread, the use of services, (to) commit legal actions (for example, to buy or to rent);
    • you: the (represented) (legal) person that uses the webpage;
    • the content: like texts, pictures, image, hyperlinks, sound and/or video fragments and/or other objects;
    • damage: the direct or indirect damage of all kinds, like lost data, lack of turnover, profit or any other economic disadvantage.
  2. What is said below applies for the webpage. By using the webpage you agree on the terms of use and the privacy policy.
  3. The publisher tries to complete and update the content of the webpage frequently. Despite this care and attention it is possible that the content is incomplete and/or not correct.
  4. The publisher provides the content of the webpage in its actual condition, without giving the guarantee of virtue or appropriateness for any kind of stated purpose.
  5. The content of the webpage is meant for personal, non-commercial use. The copying of, (deep)linking or distribution of the content or parts of it, in any way possible, is not allowed without written permission of the publisher.
  6. The content of the webpage can be composed of reactions, experiences and opinions of the users of the webpage. Represented opinions are not necessarily the opinions of the publisher. The publisher cannot be held accountable for the reactions, experiences and opinions of the users.
  7. Information that is placed on the website by users that result in 1 or more adjustments of the content of the webpage, or that lead to statistical information, become and are property of the publisher.
  8. The publisher cannot to be held responsible for any damage that is or can be a result of or in some way has a connection with the use of the webpage or with the webpage that is impossible to consult.
  9. The publisher has the only right to decide to change or end the webpage at any time and with or without any notification. The publisher is not responsible for the consequences of the changes that are made or for the ending of the webpage.
  10. Except for this terms of use the publisher is not responsible for documents from third parties that are linked to the webpage. Thins linking does not mean that the rights of the external documents apply to the publisher.
  11. Unautorized or figurative use of the webpage or the content can result in a violation of the intellectual property rights, privacy regulations and all kinds of publication and/or communication possible. You are solely responsible for all the items, information and other data you send through the webpage.
  12. The publisher keeps the right to deny the users access to use the webpage and/or use other services that are being offered on the website. In addition the publisher can monitor the entrance to the webpage.
  13. You shall protect the publisher, her/his employees, representatives, licence keepers and trade partners against and secure them of judicial and non-judicial measures, condemnations, including the costs for legal assistance, accountants, that are hired by third parties as a consequence of or that are related to your use of the webpage, your violation on the legal arrangements existing or on the rights of third parties.

Adding opinions

Some standard rules have been set that concern the adding of opinions about mobile phones on the website. Please pay attention to the following points when you’re about to leave your opinion on the website:

  1. Remarks, questions and answers concerning current and/or present opinions are not allowed and will result in the non-acceptance of the offered opinion.
  2. Only opinions that are written in appropriate English will be accepted. Inappropriate use of language and the repeatedly use of signs, emoticons and other characters are not allowed and will result in the non-acceptance of the offered opinion,
  3. Names of stores, prices, links to commercial sites and commercial related items will be removed by the publisher.
  4. Questions and remarks about obtaining or making manuals available and/or about other information and content will not be allowed and will result in the non-acceptance of the offered opinion.
  5. Second-hand offers and trade actions are not allowed.
  6. All points named in the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy have an affect on this component.