Google pushed further into the corner after email leak

An internal email from ‘Mr. Android’ Andy Rubin to Google's founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, threatens to cause trouble to the company in a lawsuit against Oracle.

Rubin was asked by the Google founders to seek an alternative to Java. Java is used extensively in both Chrome and Android, and at the time of the e-mail exchange between Rubin, Page and Brin owned by Sun, which later was bought by Oracle. Rubin came to a clear conclusion on alternatives to Java: They all suck. He advised therefore to take a license for Java. That did not happen. Java meanwhile remained part of Android and Chrome.

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Andy is under fire due to use of Java

Oracle saw how successful Google's Android is, and demands billions for use of Java in Android and Chrome. The email in which Rubin recommends a license is evidence of the Oracle wants to use in the lawsuit. This single threatens to harm Google severely. However, it is expected that a final decision won’t come until 2012.