Folding Motorola Razr 2019 breaks down after just 27,000x opening

Foldable phones may be promising, but the first generation suffers from childhood illness after childhood illness. So did Lenovo's attempt; the Motorola Razr 2019. During the presentation it was still very proud of the hinge but it seems to break down remarkably fast in this test. One plus; the screen stays whole!

The handful of manufacturers that have now released a foldable phone have all had to solve the same problem: how to make a sturdy enough hinge that makes the screen bend, but not too much. The Motorola Razr 2019 has perhaps one of the most innovative solutions. It was also needed to bring the old wafer-thin Razr's to life.

But a test of CNET shows that also the Razr 2019 does not have eternal life. Anything that moves can wear out and has the potential to fail. You don't want any moving parts, but in the world of foldables that's a utopia. And yes, the hinge of the new Razr is the first thing to fail. In the above video it appears that something is broken inside. The sound during closing and opening doesn't sound very good either. It still closes, albeit with difficulty. Despite this, the screen still works.

Does still work

So it is not as bad as the problems with the first Galaxy Fold from Samsung. The screen works and you can close it completely with a little extra power. It is unclear at how many folding movements the screen would give the ghost. The machine that CNET has made for this test does not succeed in folding it properly and thus testing it. The Fold screen finally opened after 120,000 times.

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