OnePlus and Hasselblad announce March 23 OnePlus 9 Series

OnePlus has sent out a video in which it says it will announce the OnePlus 9 on March 23 2021. It is not doing this alone but together with Hasselblad. It was rumored earlier that Hasselblad would collaborate with OnePlus.

The video, called 'Lunarland', features our very own moon. That's not surprising considering the collaboration with Hasselblad. It was a Hasselblad camera that went along with the first moon landing. The OnePlus 9 won't be getting a Hasselblad camera, however, but the company is collaborating on the camera.

So it's not just a name commitment. OnePlus uses a modified Sony IMX789 sensor for which Hasselblad took care of the calibration. There is also a special Hasselblad Pro Mode where the user can do a lot of settings themselves. This mode can even save images in 12-bit RAW for even more image post processing.

Live stream

OnePlus is streaming the unveiling of the OnePlus 9 on March 23, 2021 at 10:00 AM EDT, 2:00 PM GMT and 7:30 PM IST. It explicitly mentions the OnePlus 9 Series 5G so it's not just about the OnePlus 9 but also more devices. There are rumors of 2 more models being announced; an extensive 9 Pro and an entry-level called '9 Lite' or '9R'.

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