Launch date, price and availability Google Pixel 7a and Pixel Fold mentioned

A rumor about the launch date, price, and availability of the Google Pixel 7a and Google Pixel Fold has emerged. Two phones that have little in common besides the Pixel name. One is inexpensive and straightforward, the other expensive and comprehensive.

The report comes from Jon Prosser. This YouTuber has shared accurate information about Google products with us before, so our ears are perked. This time the story involves the entry-level Google Pixel 7a and the foldable Google Pixel Fold.

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This time, Prosser believes he knows when the entry-level 7a will be announced. These rumors have been going around for some time, so nothing surprising. May 10 is when it should happen, simultaneously with the start of Google I/O. The device will be available immediately after its announcement in Charcoal, Snow, Sea, and Coral colors. Price of the device? In all likelihood, it will be $499.

Expensive Pixel Fold

And then the Pixel Fold. It, too, will see the light of day on May 10. Although the device can be ordered as a preorder immediately after it is announced, it will take until June 27 before delivery starts. The likely price is $1,799, according to Prosser. That's hefty but in line with the price of the Samsung Fold4 when it came out.

Pixel 6a remains

Interestingly, Prosser reports that the Google Pixel 6a will remain in the lineup. So it may receive a price cut. Although, in the meantime, it already boasts a significantly lower retail price compared to when it came out. 349 euros versus 460 euros.

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