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    Google Pixel 7a product details

    The Google Pixel 7a is the entry-level model in Google's Pixel lineup this year and is even more enjoyable. This is the first time a Pixel A can be charged wirelessly and features a smooth 90 Hz screen. But there are more improvements. Which ones exactly, and what effect that has on the starting price? You can read it all here.

    Borrowing from the Pixel 7

    Google has been releasing Pixel A models since 2019. This series was meant to bring affordable phones with flagship-worthy cameras. At the same time, there are rumors that this Pixel 7a will be the last one. Yet that should not spoil the fun for now. After all, we are looking at the most comprehensive Pixel A phone to date. On the face of it, the most significant upgrade is the Smooth Display—something previously only available on the more expensive Pixel and Pixel Pro. By refreshing images more often per second, animations look much smoother. Like the Pixel 7, this happens 90 times per second and at FHD+ resolution. It even has the same OLED panel known for its vivid colors.

    Google Pixel 7a grey overview

    Equally powerful, almost as expensive

    Another feature it borrows from the Pixel 7 is wireless charging. Although at only half the power of the Pixel 7 at 20W, reverse wireless charging is missing. The battery has a capacity of 4385mAh, enough for 24 hours of battery life. Another big plus of the Pixel 7a is its performance. Google uses their custom designed Tensor G2 chip that we also saw in the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro. Even the amount of RAM is the same. This results in a compelling device in this segment. Unfortunately, you do see this reflected in the starting price. That goes up, making the price very close to that of the Pixel 7.

    Main Google Pixel 7a specs

    • 6.1" Smooth Display with FHD+ resolution and 90Hz display
    • 64+13MP Duo Camera with 120° ultra-wide angle and Pixel-exclusive features
    • 13MP selfie camera with 95° wide viewing angle + 4K video
    • Google Tensor G2 processor with 8GB of RAM
    • Only available with 128GB of UFS 3.1 storage (not expandable)
    • 4385mAh large battery with wireless charging
    • 5G support for fast mobile internet
    • Released with Android 13, three promised upgrades, five years of security updates

    Pixel-exclusive features

    As usual, the Pixel 7a comes with a set of decent cameras. This year the camera resolution exceeds that of the more expensive Pixel 7 and 7 Pro. The primary camera has a 64-megapixel sensor with a Quad Bayer layout and with an f/1.89 lens that has an 80° viewing angle in front of it. Next sits a 13-megapixel camera with an ultra-wide angle lens of 120°. You only have to remember this; the Pixel 7a takes excellent pictures. That's mainly due to Google's award-winning HDR+ feature. This software algorithm chooses the best settings and turns every image into a perfectshote. Even if it was taken out of focus or with backlighting. The camera also has Pixel-exclusive features such as Magic Eraser and Real Tone. These allow you to edit photos afterward, capturing skin tones true to life.

    Google Pixel 7a in the news

    ts Google Pixel 7a Charcoal Handson

    Google announces more capable and more expensive Pixel 7a

    Phone news ·

    Google added a new member to its Pixel A Series during Google I/O. Although the Pixel 7a resembles its predecessor, Google is taking a different direction. In fact, the 7a has become a lot more comprehensive and is inching towards the Pixel 7 in both specs and price.

    Google announces more capable and more expensive Pixel 7a

    Better, but also more expensive

    The Pixel 7a is a substantial upgrade over the 6a. Like the Pixel 7, the screen now has a higher 90Hz screen refresh rate, has the same powerful Tensor G2 processor, features a higher camera resolution of 64MP, and can now be charged wirelessly.

    With this, Google deprives us of many reasons to choose the more expensive Pixel 7. Although the Pixel 7a gets a higher price than we are used to from Pixel A devices. The price goes up 50 euros and now starts at 509 euros. Google risks targeting the same target audience with both devices, negatively influencing sales.

    Exclusive Coral version

    Google brings the Pixel 7a out in four colors, keeping the coral-colored version for itself. The blue (Sea), white (Snow), and gray (Charcoal) are also available elsewhere. Only one model with 128GB of storage is available, which is not expandable.

    Google Pixel 7a showing in Coral color
    The Coral version is only available from Google

    Magic Editor

    Perhaps the most significant upgrade goes to the camera. Google is finally saying goodbye to its trusty 12MP primary sensor. Instead, the Google Pixel 7a features a 64MP primary camera whose sensor is 72% larger than on the Pixel 6a. This results in 44% more light intake. This, combined with the faster Tensor G2, makes the camera better and faster.

    Google's Magic Editor in action
    Move objects with Magic Editor even when they were out of view before

    Zooming can be done up to 8x digitally thanks to Super Res Zoom. This still results in sharp images thanks to machine learning. Furthermore, the device gets exclusive Pixel features such as Magic Eraser and Photo Unblur. Later, Magic Editor will also be rolled out. This will allow you to edit photos with the help of AI. In addition, Magic Editor can move people and objects, make skies more blue, and remove unintended objects.

    Temporary with free Pixel Buds A series

    The Google Pixel 7a is available immediately and comes with free Pixel Buds A earbuds worth $100 until May 21.

    ts Google Pixel 7a Announcement Tweet

    Google confirms Pixel 7a launch date

    Phone news ·

    Google India has revealed the launch date of the Pixel 7a via a tweet. In it, Google writes that the "next Google phone is coming on May 11." This leaves little to the imagination.

    Google has failed to keep the Pixel 7a secret from us. Virtually everything about the midrange phone has already leaked, from photos to specifications, from pricing to colors. And even Google is no longer trying to keep it a secret, as evidenced by the tweet below.

    Google India tweet acknowledging the launch date of the Pixel 7a
    Tweet from Google India about the Pixel 7a

    Google India does not mention the Pixel Fold. That device is also expected on May 11 and is reportedly Google's first foldable. So it is not inconceivable that this tweet is meant to divert attention for a "One More Thing" moment.

    Possible last Pixel A

    In recent days, the rumor also resurfaced that the 7a might be Google's last Pixel A phone. However, with the expected price increase of the 7a, the price is so close to the Pixel 7 that there is no longer a reason for it to exist.

    At least that's what insider Yogesh Brar thinks. Google would therefore advertise for next year the Pixel 8 as an entry-level device, the Pixel 8 Pro as a high-end flagship, and the Fold to try out new technologies.

    ts Google Pixel 7a top Coral Evleaks Twitter

    New Google Pixel 7a seen in coral color version

    Rumors ·

    With just a bit more waiting, the Pixel 7a will usher in a new chapter for affordable mid-range phones. Google is expected to announce the device in less than two weeks, yet a new color version is surfacing today.

    It is likely to be the Coral version. Google used this name before for Pixel phones. For example, Pixel 6 also came out with a similar color, then in a two-tone edition. Since the Pixel 7, Google applies only one color on the back, and so the "Kinda Coral" becomes "Coral."

    Google Pixel 7a in Coral color posted by @evleaks on Twitter
    Google Pixel 7a in Coral

    We're not quite sure yet whether it's orange or pink. Besides this coral color, the Google Pixel 7a is likely to come out in more colors, including blue, silver, and gray. It was previously revealed that the 7a would get a 6.1-inch screen with FHD+ resolution, 64MP Duo Camera, and a Tensor G2 processor with 6GB of RAM. There are still some ambiguities about its price. It may be higher than in previous years, perhaps even more than 500 euros.

    Google I/O

    It is generally believed that Google will announce the Pixel 7a during its upcoming Google I/O event. That annual event starts May 10th, 2023, and kicks off with a keynote. Perhaps then Google will also show the Pixel Fold, Google's first foldable Pixel phone.

    ts Google Pixel 2023 Fpt Prosser

    Launch date, price and availability Google Pixel 7a and Pixel Fold mentioned

    Rumors ·

    A rumor about the launch date, price, and availability of the Google Pixel 7a and Google Pixel Fold has emerged. Two phones that have little in common besides the Pixel name. One is inexpensive and straightforward, the other expensive and comprehensive.

    The report comes from Jon Prosser. This YouTuber has shared accurate information about Google products with us before, so our ears are perked. This time the story involves the entry-level Google Pixel 7a and the foldable Google Pixel Fold.

    Google Pixel lineup for the second half of 2023 according to FPT
    Some Pixel products that may come out later in 2023

    This time, Prosser believes he knows when the entry-level 7a will be announced. These rumors have been going around for some time, so nothing surprising. May 10 is when it should happen, simultaneously with the start of Google I/O. The device will be available immediately after its announcement in Charcoal, Snow, Sea, and Coral colors. Price of the device? In all likelihood, it will be $499.

    Expensive Pixel Fold

    And then the Pixel Fold. It, too, will see the light of day on May 10. Although the device can be ordered as a preorder immediately after it is announced, it will take until June 27 before delivery starts. The likely price is $1,799, according to Prosser. That's hefty but in line with the price of the Samsung Fold4 when it came out.

    Pixel 6a remains

    Interestingly, Prosser reports that the Google Pixel 6a will remain in the lineup. So it may receive a price cut. Although, in the meantime, it already boasts a significantly lower retail price compared to when it came out. 349 euros versus 460 euros.

    Via: 1, 2

    ts blue Pixel 7a Onleaks Mysmartprice

    Unannounced Google Pixel 7a appears in blue

    Rumors ·

    Thanks to a new source, we get a glimpse of the upcoming Pixel 7a in a color still unknown to Google. Namely, a light blue color.

    The image shown here comes from @onleaks, who published it on the blog of MySmartPrice. This more affordable alternative of the Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro is expected soon.

    Render of Google Pixel 7a in Blue.
    The Pixel 7a in blue

    In addition to blue, the Pixel 7a is also expected to come in white and gray. What names Google gives those are still unknown. As is customary, the color will also be incorporated into the camera bar characteristic of recent Pixel phones. If other rumors are true, the Pixel 7a will get a dual camera system with an ultra-wide-angle camera.

    New source?

    Interestingly, the images now shared with us by @onleaks appear to be an official render. Usually, the Frenchman is known for his early renders of factory drawings that he commissions. However, this time that does not seem to be the case. So perhaps Steve Hemmerstoffer, as @onleaks goes in real life, has a new source.

    ts Prototype Google Pixel 7a Ebay

    Someone offers Google Pixel 7a prototype for sale on eBay

    Rumors ·

    It is taking Google so long to finally release the Google Pixel 7a that even testers are taking things into their own hands. Someone just put a prototype up for sale on eBay. The auction has since ended, but not before we downloaded the photos.

    The photos below don't tell us much new; we already know almost everything about the Pixel 7a. For example, we already know the specs, its appearance has been known for months, and even photos of the device recently surfaced. The images below from the auction on eBay are lovely, but they don't tell us anything new, either.

    Prototype of the Google Pixel 7a being sold on eBay
    For sale: prototype Google Pixel 7a

    And to think that Google may not announce the Pixel 7a until May 10. At the time of writing, that's just under two months away. Let's hope most of us are willing to wait that long. By then, consumers will already be looking forward to the Google Pixel 8. While that one is in a different price range, the first rumors of it are already pouring in.

    Solid asking price

    But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Lets discuss the Google Pixel 7a first. An unknown person from Athens has put a prototype for sale on eBay, an online auction platform. The asking price is $1,650, which considering the expected recommended retail price of the 7a, is pretty steep.

    That didn't stop people from placing bids. The bidding stopped at 2250 before the auction ended, according to 9to5Google. Whether eBay halted the auction or the device was sold, we don't know. Should the latter be the case, we hope he didn't miss the phrase "that the SIM card slot is missing." Pretty essential with a phone if you ask us.


    ts Pixel 7a Zing

    More affordable Google Pixel 7a spotted in the wild

    Rumors ·

    The inexpensive Pixel 7a is once again in the spotlight today. The device has yet to be officially announced by Google, but that didn't stop this source from playing with it. And of that, we have the photos.

    If the rumors are to be believed, the Pixel 7a is a low-cost version of the Pixel 7 but with a 6.1-inch large FHD+ display with 90Hz playback, 64MP primary camera with 12MP ultra-wide angle, Tensor G2 processor and of course running under Android.

    Google Pixel 7a

    New this year is wireless charging, which is limited to a 5W maximum. That's not particularly fast, but it is a nice feature to have. The Pixel 7a, like its bigger brothers, uses a Tensor chipset, suggesting we'll find many of the same camera features. Think of Magic Eraser and Photo Unblur. These allow you to remove unwanted objects from photos and improve blurred images.

    Google I/O 2023

    The Google Pixel 7a has been mentioned in the rumor circuit for some time. That could mean that an announcement is imminent. Coincidentally, Google announced an event not long ago. The event is Google I/O, which kicks off on May 10. So it is not inconceivable that Google will announce the Pixel 7a then.


    20233ts Pixel 7a 90hz Slashleaks

    Video shows unannounced Google Pixel 7a, confirms 90Hz screen

    Rumors ·

    A video has surfaced showing Google's not-yet-official Pixel 7a. In it, the creator of the video shows the display settings, which confirms that Google's new Pixel A phone will get a smoother 90Hz screen.

    It was our most significant criticism of the Google Pixel 6a; its sluggish 60Hz display. By refreshing images 60 times per second, animations look stuttery. But, on the other hand, everything higher than 60 looks much smoother. And so we are pleased to learn that the Pixel 7a gets a refresh rate of 90Hz, just like the Pixel 7.

    Video showing the Google Pixel 7a has a 90Hz display mode
    90Hz option on the Google Pixel 7a

    Google uses its Pixel A series for midrange models, and we have seen in recent years other manufacturers have also equipped their midrange phones with smoother 90Hz screens. This proved to be more than a nice-to-have feature; it just looks much more modern. However, the video demonstrates something entirely else—some giant screen bezels.

    Nominable screen bezels

    Now the Pixel 6a also features noteworthy screen bezels, but on the 7a, they do seem to be even more significant. Whether they are more considerable remains to be seen. For now, it is unclear when Google will officially unveil the device. The most obvious time for this is Google I/O. This event is not expected until sometime around May 2023.


    ts Pixel 7a Render Smartprix

    Onleaks shows recognizable Google Pixel 7a

    Rumors ·

    Take the Google Pixel 6a, pour some Pixel 7 sauce over it, and we get the Google Pixel 7a. Renders of this still unofficial device have been published and come from professional leaker @onleaks.

    Looking at the renders below, it becomes clear that Google has not made things difficult for itself. The design of the Pixel 7a is very similar to the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. But we also see similarities with the Pixel 6a, and therefore it looks like the perfect candidate to succeed exactly that.

    Render of the upcoming Google Pixel 7a in a white silver finish
    The Pixel 7a in a white/silver finish

    The camera bar that Google applies has an aluminum color and includes at least two cameras. Presumably, a primary camera and camera with an ultra-wide-angle lens. Earlier rumors discussed a screen with a smooth 90Hz display, an improved camera, and the new Google Tensor G2 processor. New this year is presumably wireless charging capability for the Pixel 7a.

    Pixel 7a announcement

    Google announced the Pixel 6a in May 2022. At the time of writing, that is not that long ago. Therefore, it remains to be seen how long it will be until we find the Google Pixel 7a in stores. The source estimates early 2023, but we guess that it could take even longer.

    ts Pixel Rick Osterloh

    "Google Pixel 7a gets 90Hz screen and improved camera"

    Rumors ·

    A developer has found references to the Pixel 7a in some source code from Google. This indicates that the still unannounced device will get a display with a high 90Hz screen refresh and an improved camera.

    Since the third generation of Pixel phones, Google has been bringing us a Pixel A model. A model with excellent camera features but at a slightly lower price. Again this year, an A version of the Pixel 7 appears to be coming out. However, the timing seems a bit odd because the Pixel 6a was announced in May 2022, six months ago at the time of writing.

    Googles current Senior Vise President Devices & Services Rick Osterloh showing off Pixel devices
    Google readies new Pixel phone

    So it looks like the Google Pixel 7a won't be released until sometime in 2023. However, according to reports from developer Kuba Wojciechowski, the device will get a higher screen refresh rate of 90Hz. At least, that's how it appears after digging through some drivers whose source code Google released. The previous Pixel A model still only had 60Hz.

    Wireless charging

    Google is using a Sony IMX787 and IMX712 camera sensor on the back. That first sensor is a significant update of the currently used IMX363. Both cameras feature a wide-angle lens, meaning a separate zoom lens is still missing. Kuba further notes that the Pixel 7a features wireless charging, though it is limited to only 5W.

    Google SVP Rick Osterloh showing off the Tensor chipset
    The Pixel 7a will also be powered by Google's Tensor chip

    Google is further likely to equip its Tensor processor. This self-developed processor powers all current Pixel phones. This allows Google to optimize and offer specific features exclusively. Think Magic Eraser and Motion Mode. Whether the Google Pixel 7a will also have these features remains to be seen.


    Most important Google Pixel 7a specifications

    Dimensions 152 x 72.9 x 9 mm
    Weight 192.78 grams
    Item ID GWKK3
    Codename Google Lynx
    EAN code 6095620522555, 6095617312350, 0840244702144, 0840244702045, 0840244701819
    Fingerprint recognition
    Operating system
    Android 12
    Color display 6.1 inch, OLED, hole-punch display
    Camera 13 MP, 64 MP, dual camera sensor
    Processor Google Tensor G2, octa core
    Secondary camera 13 MP
    Dust and waterproof
    Dual SIM
    Data network
    4G (LTE)
    Build-in memory
    Internal memory 8 GB (Size (RAM)), 128 GB (Storage)
    Memory card slot
    Power supply
    Battery 4385 mAh
    Fast charging
    Wireless charging
    Audio jack plug

    All Google Pixel 7a specifications

    Video about the Google Pixel 7a

    How sturdy is the Google Pixel 7a? In this video from JerryRigEverything, Zack applies all his usual medieval methods to the 7a. And it turns out what? It's much sturdier than its predecessor

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