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ts Prototype Google Pixel 7a Ebay

Someone offers prototype Google Pixel 7a for sale on eBay

Rumors ·

Google is taking so long to release the Google Pixel 7a that even testers are taking too long. Someone just put a prototype up for sale on eBay. The auction has since ended, but not before we downloaded the photos.

Those photos don't tell us much new; we already know almost everything about the Pixel 7a. For example, we already know the specs, its appearance has been known for months, and photos of the device recently surfaced. The photos below from the auction on eBay are nice but they don't tell us anything new either.

Prototype of the Google Pixel 7a being sold on eBay
For sale: prototype Google Pixel 7a

And to think that Google may not announce the Pixel 7a until May 10. At the time of writing, that's just under two months away. If only that works out. By then, consumers will already be looking forward to the Google Pixel 8. While that one is in a different price range, the first rumors of it are already in.

Solid asking price

But first a word about the Google Pixel 7a. A person from Athens, unknown to us, has put a prototype for sale on eBay; an online auction platform. The asking price is $1,650 which considering the expected recommended retail price of the 7a is on the hefty side.

That didn't stop people from placing bids. The counter stopped at 2250 before the auction ended, according to 9to5Google. Whether eBay halted the auction or the device was sold we don't know. Should the latter be the case, we hope he read the phrase "that the SIM card slot is missing." Pretty essential with a phone if you ask us.


ts Pixel 7a Zing

More affordable Google Pixel 7a spotted in the wild

Rumors ·

The inexpensive Pixel 7a is once again in the spotlight today. The device has yet to be officially announced by Google, but that didn't stop this source from playing with it. And of that, we have the photos.

If the rumors are to be believed, the Pixel 7a is a low-cost version of the Pixel 7 but with a 6.1-inch large FHD+ display with 90Hz playback, 64MP primary camera with 12MP ultra-wide angle, Tensor G2 processor and of course running under Android.

Google Pixel 7a

New this year is wireless charging, which is limited to a 5W maximum. That's not particularly fast, but it is a nice feature to have. The Pixel 7a, like its bigger brothers, uses a Tensor chipset, suggesting we'll find many of the same camera features. Think of Magic Eraser and Photo Unblur. These allow you to remove unwanted objects from photos and improve blurred images.

Google I/O 2023

The Google Pixel 7a has been mentioned in the rumor circuit for some time. That could mean that an announcement is imminent. Coincidentally, Google announced an event not long ago. The event is Google I/O, which kicks off on May 10. So it is not inconceivable that Google will announce the Pixel 7a then.


20233ts Pixel 7a 90hz Slashleaks

Video shows unannounced Google Pixel 7a, confirms 90Hz screen

Rumors ·

A video has surfaced showing Google's not-yet-official Pixel 7a. In it, the creator of the video shows the display settings, which confirms that Google's new Pixel A phone will get a smoother 90Hz screen.

It was our most significant criticism of the Google Pixel 6a; its sluggish 60Hz display. By refreshing images 60 times per second, animations look stuttery. But, on the other hand, everything higher than 60 looks much smoother. And so we are pleased to learn that the Pixel 7a gets a refresh rate of 90Hz, just like the Pixel 7.

Video showing the Google Pixel 7a has a 90Hz display mode
90Hz option on the Google Pixel 7a

Google uses its Pixel A series for midrange models, and we have seen in recent years other manufacturers have also equipped their midrange phones with smoother 90Hz screens. This proved to be more than a nice-to-have feature; it just looks much more modern. However, the video demonstrates something entirely else—some giant screen bezels.

Nominable screen bezels

Now the Pixel 6a also features noteworthy screen bezels, but on the 7a, they do seem to be even more significant. Whether they are more considerable remains to be seen. For now, it is unclear when Google will officially unveil the device. The most obvious time for this is Google I/O. This event is not expected until sometime around May 2023.


ts Pixel 7a Render Smartprix

Onleaks shows recognizable Google Pixel 7a

Rumors ·

Take the Google Pixel 6a, pour some Pixel 7 sauce over it, and we get the Google Pixel 7a. Renders of this still unofficial device have been published and come from professional leaker @onleaks.

Looking at the renders below, it becomes clear that Google has not made things difficult for itself. The design of the Pixel 7a is very similar to the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. But we also see similarities with the Pixel 6a, and therefore it looks like the perfect candidate to succeed exactly that.

Render of the upcoming Google Pixel 7a in a white silver finish
The Pixel 7a in a white/silver finish

The camera bar that Google applies has an aluminum color and includes at least two cameras. Presumably, a primary camera and camera with an ultra-wide-angle lens. Earlier rumors discussed a screen with a smooth 90Hz display, an improved camera, and the new Google Tensor G2 processor. New this year is presumably wireless charging capability for the Pixel 7a.

Pixel 7a announcement

Google announced the Pixel 6a in May 2022. At the time of writing, that is not that long ago. Therefore, it remains to be seen how long it will be until we find the Google Pixel 7a in stores. The source estimates early 2023, but we guess that it could take even longer.

ts Pixel Rick Osterloh

"Google Pixel 7a gets 90Hz screen and improved camera"

Rumors ·

A developer has found references to the Pixel 7a in some source code from Google. This indicates that the still unannounced device will get a display with a high 90Hz screen refresh and an improved camera.

Since the third generation of Pixel phones, Google has been bringing us a Pixel A model. A model with excellent camera features but at a slightly lower price. Again this year, an A version of the Pixel 7 appears to be coming out. However, the timing seems a bit odd because the Pixel 6a was announced in May 2022, six months ago at the time of writing.

Googles current Senior Vise President Devices & Services Rick Osterloh showing off Pixel devices
Google readies new Pixel phone

So it looks like the Google Pixel 7a won't be released until sometime in 2023. However, according to reports from developer Kuba Wojciechowski, the device will get a higher screen refresh rate of 90Hz. At least, that's how it appears after digging through some drivers whose source code Google released. The previous Pixel A model still only had 60Hz.

Wireless charging

Google is using a Sony IMX787 and IMX712 camera sensor on the back. That first sensor is a significant update of the currently used IMX363. Both cameras feature a wide-angle lens, meaning a separate zoom lens is still missing. Kuba further notes that the Pixel 7a features wireless charging, though it is limited to only 5W.

Google SVP Rick Osterloh showing off the Tensor chipset
The Pixel 7a will also be powered by Google's Tensor chip

Google is further likely to equip its Tensor processor. This self-developed processor powers all current Pixel phones. This allows Google to optimize and offer specific features exclusively. Think Magic Eraser and Motion Mode. Whether the Google Pixel 7a will also have these features remains to be seen.


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